Environmentally friendly residential complex in Milan

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The modern residential complex Parco Vittoria introduces freshness and liveliness in the gray industrial zone of Milan.

The complex is made of six grandiose modern towers, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The whole project is made by Canali Associati Srl, which designed buildings with modern architecture that extend to 11 floors, complemented by two smaller buildings that extend to five levels and are surrounded by spacious green areas.

The modern architectural structures are located around the perimeter of the central part of the land that acts as an urban green oasis, a natural green space that regenerates the industrial fabric of the city, giving it freshness and wild beauty.

Parco Vittoria has a total of 535 apartments with different interior typologies – one-room, two-room, three rooms with different sizes on all four sides to enjoy the panoramic view of Milan’s urban horizon, the magic of the Alps, Gino Valle Square and Spacious green areas made within the housing complex.

The complex of buildings is distinguished from the industrial zone of Milan with specific and striking futuristic architectural objects, which are made with concrete and metal profiles with geometric outline. Each of the buildings consists of fully equipped luxury apartments with wide terraces, private gardens and common public green spaces for all residents. The apartments are decorated in a contemporary style with elements that provide a high level of comfort for pleasant and environmentally friendly housing for the residents.

(Image Credits: Parco Vittoria Milano)

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