House H, a modern eco-home in Madrid

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House H is a modern structure with an interesting character with multiple faces, with an emphasis on the discontinuity in the interior and exterior.

The private house, located far from the urban noise of Madrid, is composed of several architectural units with geometric shapes with different functions. The modern house is designed as a blend of architectural units with façade made of glass, concrete, metal and gypsum which is characterized by various material textures that give it a specific expression that stands out in the natural environment.

The house was designed by Abiboo Architecture, which developed a design that would match the wishes and different needs of a client who is a well-known international athlete. The spaces are distributed without a specific and precise hierarchy in the interior, each space acts separately and has different functional features. The first floor in the house has been turned into a place for work and entertainment. It consists of offices and a social play area that opens up to the spacious courtyard with a swimming pool and provides comfort and relaxation at any time of the day. The second floor, in turn, consists of bedrooms and guest rooms and bathrooms, while the underground floor is dedicated to the owner’s sports preparations and consists of a gym, a spa center and a meditation room.

The architects from Abiboo Architecture, apart from creating a play of discontinuity in the interior and exterior of the house, pay particular attention to the environmental issue through the use of environmentally friendly materials, natural ventilation and geothermal heat pumps. House H is a modern ecological solution for a private home embraced by the dense green nature in the rural area of the Spanish capital.

(Photo Credits: Joao Morgado)

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