Flotane Rest Stop by L J B

Flotane rest stop 1

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Flotane rest stop 1

Norwegian architectural firm L J B has designed the Flotane rest stop on the top of Aurlandsfjellet plateau in Norway. Located on the national tourist route at 1220 m.a.s.l., the rest stop consists a small 20 square meter solar-energy powered toilet and a 1200 square meter car park and rest area. The unique shape of the toilet is designed to resist the adverse weather conditions and also gain as much energy from the sun as possible. The tilted-cube shaped structure consists two toilets and a technical area housed in a wooden core.

Flotane rest stop 2

Flotane rest stop 3

Flotane rest stop 4

Flotane rest stop 5

Flotane rest stop 6

Flotane rest stop 7

Image Courtesy: L J B

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