House in Tokushima by Suppose Design Office

House in Tokushima 1

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House in Tokushima 1

Japanese architectural firm Suppose Design Office has designed the House in Tokushima. The building combines the ideas of modern architecture and nature. The individual rooms in the house are placed like individual trees and the roofs of these rooms are extended like canopies, same as a group of trees in park or forest. This creates a shaded space naturally found in parks or forest with similar natural light coming through the gap of extended roofs. The amount and angle of natural light coming through the gap changes as the day passes which shins on different position giving a sense of time.

The shaded in-between space combines indoor and outdoor living by providing privacy and comfort of indoor and filtered natural light and openness one would experience being under a collection of tree canopies. In architect’s words, “By translating the law of nature to architectural concepts it was possible bring this building close to nature and create a space that has an unquestionable sense of openness.”

House in Tokushima 2

House in Tokushima 3

House in Tokushima 4

House in Tokushima 5

House in Tokushima 6

House in Tokushima 7

House in Tokushima 8

Image Courtesy: Suppose Design Office

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