Kid Pod – a house for children with adventurous spirit

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Architectural studio Mihaly Slocombe designed and built a house inspired by children’s tree houses. The adventurous spirit and endless fantasy were transferred to the house Kid Pod, which represents an extension of a family house in Australia.

Made entirely of wood, with interesting architectural solutions for the façade, as well as for the interior, this building looks fun as if it came out from the imagination of a child. The house has a bedroom, playroom and a bath, that is, all the rooms that are necessary for the children to sleep and play. It was built specifically for the grandchildren of the family as a place where they can play alone when they come to visit.

Kid Pod is an object that we have all imagined when we were kids – playful, theatrical, mystical and secret, but goes beyond the miniature form of the children’s playhouses.

The façade is made of light wood, in several layers, with specially made blinds that can open or cover the entire interior of the house. This is a symbol of the protection offered by the wooden houses. The blinds are closed at night and shine like discreet lamps, harmoniously blending into the natural landscape around the house.

In the interior, the bedroom and the living room are separated by a theatrical red curtain and a mobile wall that allows you to easily change the appearance and layout of the interior and adapt to children’s play and wishes. Both rooms can be easily open or separated, connected or isolated from each other to offer privacy. The spacious hallway can also be used as a noisy playground or as a quiet area for reading and listening to music.

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