Luxurious residential complex in São Paulo by Libeskind

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São Paulo has a luxurious residential complex with the signature of the renowned architect Daniel Libeskind. The magnificent skyscraper Vitra is wrapped in a glass façade, reflecting the entire urban landscape around the building.

The architectural pearl of Libeskind has an interesting sculptural form and a pattern created by the way the balconies are placed, which create a rhythmic playful pattern throughout the whole facade. Thanks to the facade made of glass, the luxurious object shines amidst one of the most popular districts in São Paulo, Itaim Bibi. The city and the interesting character and style of the Brazilian people are the main inspiration for this architectural work of Libeskind. The architect himself stated that the building reflects the optimism and the dynamic, lively culture of the Brazilian people.

Vitra has 15 floors, with luxurious apartments on the 14 floor and a luxurious penthouse at the top. At the entrance of the building there is a reception made of concrete in combination with a warm wall made of local wood. This combination of rugged concrete and warm, pleasant wood, which is an association of domestic, comfortable space, extends across the entire building, utility rooms and interiors. Apart from the spacious comfortable apartments for luxury housing, the residents have at their disposal a relaxing swimming pool, a spa and a fitness center and children’s play area.

The building is done with great attention to sustainability and preserving the environment. Systems for ecological self-sustainability of the facility are used such as system for collecting and re-utilizing rainwater, solar panels for heating water, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials for greater energy efficiency and lower energy consumption, as well as more natural cooling of the interiors.

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