A windmill suitable for living that can power a whole city

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Windmills are the most common element of Dutch landscapes since the 1890s. With the increase of population in more populated, urbanized areas, placing multiple wind turbines to power more and more demanding cities can be impractical.

This Dutch windmill, however, produces energy in a completely different direction.

This masterpiece by Dutch architects from Doepel Strijkers, who designed this 173-meter high structure, uses wind, water and electric fields and turns them into electrostatic wind energy that can directly produce power.

In dealing with the problem of one giant structure for a single purpose located in a city, Doepel Strikers designed this multifunctional building to be able to live in it, while it produces one megawatt of electricity, which is enough to meet the needs of 1000 citizens.

“We wanted a 100 percent sustainable building that serves as a platform for all types of innovation,” says developer Lennart Graaf.

The self-sustainable tower is quiet, is low maintenance and looks like it’s something from a science fiction novel. Architects estimate that this windmill can be erected in Rotterdam by the beginning of 2020.

(Image Credits: www.dutchwindwheel.com)

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