A restaurant with historic charm in Florence

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The restaurant La Menagere in Florence makes you feel like you are having lunch in a huge botanical garden.

Fresh, colorful flowers hang from all sides, from the walls, on the shelves, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere in this restaurant in Florence. La Menagerie is located on an old market in the beautiful Italian town. The old space, with the creative ideas of the design studio Q-bic has been transformed into a relaxing space with natural notes.

The entire interior is laid-back style, arranged with vintage furniture. What gives it a unique look are the old walls that were left untouched, in an almost ruined state, making people create stories about events and situations from the past in this space. Greenery and flowers breathe from every corner, complementing the cool feeling as if you are at home, in relaxed atmosphere with friends, and not in a formal space like a restaurant.

(Photo Credits: www.lamenagere.it)

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