Old barn transformed into an art studio

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Mork-Ulnes Architects worked on a project in California to design a creative art studio. The construction is essentially a transformation of an old barn, which was partially demolished and renovated to accommodate the needs of an art studio.

The new part is right next to the house. The interior is open to nature and the courtyard through tall windows, an element which, apart from allowing a great flow of daylight into space, is also inspiring for the artists who work in it. Through this element the interior and the exterior are naturally connected.

During the renovation the floors were completely replaced. Now they are made in industrial style, from gray crude concrete. In parts, however, the architects left an empty space that was covered with soil and planted bamboo, aloe and various other exotic plants that create an interesting moment in the interior and bring in nature in the space in a very immediate and unexpected way.

The facade of the old part is constructed with wooden slats of the old structure, reminiscent of the architecture of old barns, while the new extension is made with white, modern facade.

Architects explain that the whole idea was to connect nature with the interior, to create an exotic jungle inside and outside the home.

Special care was taken during the renovation and extension to make less waste and the process is as environmentally conscious as possible. In addition to the wooden slats from the barn, architects used the old window frames.

(Photo Credits: Bruce Damonte)

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