Nanyang – a playful school in Singapore

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Nanyang - a playful school in Singapore

The new extension of the elementary school and kindergarten “Nanyang” in Singapore is a vibrant architectural structure with a facade that looks like a playful rainbow. The project for the extension of the educational building was created by the Australian architectural office “Studio505” in cooperation with the local architectural studio “LT & T architects”.

The playful rainbow facade on the extension of the old building is constructed of prefabricated concrete sections combined with colorful aluminum panels that create a vibrant mosaic of colors and shades. The labyrinth of different bold colors creates an inviting and fun environment for the children. This new modern concept developed by the two architectural studios is an appropriate architectural replacement of the old buildings that no longer corresponded to the modern standards for construction of educational buildings, and a skillful and complex solution that offers better organization and interconnection of individual units. Ultimately, the extension is characterized by high quality modern architectural structure that provides protection from excessive heat and light in the interior.

In contrast to the colorful exterior, the interior of the extension is bright, neutral, with white walls and ceilings. This way architects created a harmonious and soothing interior, which is a break from the vibrant endless rainbow and which provides a warm and soothing atmosphere for the children.

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(Photo Credits: www.studio505.com.au)

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