Small charming motel in Split

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Small charming motel in Split

Filled with warm spirit of the Mediterranean and situated near the Diocletian’s Palace, the newly opened motel “Vibe” is the ideal place to stay for tourists who are looking for adventure in the beautiful Split.

With 65 square meters of fully renovated space, “Vibe” occupies part of the ground floor of an older residential and office building. The owners almost completely took over the renovation, starting with a strong vision of creating environmentally friendly motel that will include reception, kitchen, three bedrooms with separate bathrooms and a lobby for socializing and relaxation.

Despite the drastic changes, a series of alternative environmental solutions are introduced in the space – the rooms have hotel system for saving energy with cards, central water heating and water faucet with limited flow of water, and the traditional lighting is replaced with LED technology.

The whole motel is dominated by a quiet and harmonious atmosphere, which builds on the historic architecture of the city. The interior is contemporary, with a mix of Scandinavian and industrial elements. The rooms are in a minimalist style, with gray walls, contemporary sofas that bring color and vibrancy, without using too much decor.Small charming motel in Split1Small charming motel in Split3 Small charming motel in Split2Small charming motel in Split4 Small charming motel in Split5 Small charming motel in Split6 Small charming motel in Split4 Small charming motel in Split5 Small charming motel in Split7

(Photo Credits: Tom Dubravec)


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