Paris in 2050 – is this the future of the City of Lights?

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Recently the Paris City Hall created the Climate Energy Plan, which aims to reduce 75% of its greenhouse gas emissions. Architect Vincent Callebaut in cooperation with the City Hall and engineers from Setec Bâitment created a research and development project for the role of high-rise architecture.

The project named “2050 Paris Smart City” is comprised of 8 different green high-rises which integrate the elements of nature and sustainable resources of energy into the densely populated and urban metropolis. In addition, we present to you the 8 high-rises which someday we might see on the streets of Paris: Mountain Towers, Antismog Towers, Photosynthesis Towers, Bamboo Nest Towers, Honeycomb Towers, Farmscraper Towers, Mangrove Towers and Bridge Towers.

Although they all look different they have the same goal: to use the range of possibilities of getting electricity in an environmentally acceptable manner, to produce food, preserve water and live in perfect harmony with nature despite the urban environment.


(Image Credits: Vincent Callebaut Architectures)

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