Private house with peaceful white interior

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Russian architect and interior designer Alexey Ilyin designed his home in St. Petersburg. His house is completely made from wood and it’s self-sustaining, a characteristic that has been crucial in developing the interior.

The shape of the structure and the roof dictate the concept, layout and organization of the premises with different functions. The outer face of the wooden frame of the house is painted light gray, while the interior is completely white in order to give light and purity of the interior. Alexei’s is light and pleasant. The lower floor is divided into two areas connected with a hallway, one reserved for the kitchen, dining and living room, the other is an art studio and workspace. The upper floor houses the bedrooms, bathrooms and a smaller space for rest and relaxation.

The whiteness that has all supremacy in the interior creates a sense of connection and harmony between the different spaces. There is a synchronic relationship between the lower and upper floor that soothes and gives comfort to the space.

A striking element of the design of the house is the fact that it is both open and closed. Alexei accurately designed every detail of the exterior and interior to create visual continuity. Hence, all the pieces of furniture are integrated into the walls in order not to stand out and not to disturb the clarity of the interior. The only components that are prominent are the wooden dining table and the gray sofa in the living room.

private-house-with-peaceful-white-interior1 private-house-with-peaceful-white-interior2 private-house-with-peaceful-white-interior3 private-house-with-peaceful-white-interior4 private-house-with-peaceful-white-interior5 private-house-with-peaceful-white-interior6 private-house-with-peaceful-white-interior7 private-house-with-peaceful-white-interior8 private-house-with-peaceful-white-interior9 private-house-with-peaceful-white-interior10(Photo Credits: Dmitry Chebanenko)


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