Project for a church with a contemporary architectural character in Norway

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Norwegian architects Snøhetta won the competition to build a church in the Norwegian town of Ulsteinvik. The church will be modern, made entirely of wood, with fluid, unusual lines and according to the clients’ request in a harmonious connection with the old object.

The old church was built in 1800, which is why the facility does not have sufficient capacity and flexibility for the needs of the community and clergy. The new facility will be able to meet more activities and needs, there will be a large church room for liturgies on the ground floor in a vast space. The entrance of the new object will be facing the old one.

Despite the great room for worship, the building will have administrative offices on the first floor, while the third level will house a chapel, to which people will access through the outer spacious square.

From the drawings the building looks grandiose and impressive, with a completely unusual and unconventional character compared to the typical Norwegian churches.

The concept of the Norwegian architects is based on three words: stone, wood and space. The stone is incorporated in the foundation of the church and it represents firmness and eternity. The wood is a symbol of future development and sustainability, which, apart from being the main building material, is also an inspiration for the shape of the building.

(Image Credts: www.snohetta.com)

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