Sculptural installation with 2.500 steps and panoramic views of Manhattan

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British architect Thomas Heatherwick presented his new project -Vessel, which will be part of the urban complex Hudson Yards on the west side of Manhattan. The spectacular new object will have a complex honeycomb-shape, a huge vertical maze that will leave a new architectural print, bringing a new creative idea in New York.

The structure will be located in Hudson Yards and its shape will be dominant between the 16 new skyscrapers that will be built in the district. The entire complex represents the most ambitious urban construction endeavor from 1930 until now in New York.  The sculptural form of the structure will consist of intricately interwoven metal stairs and paths that resemble vertically placed honeycomb.

“In a city filled with architectural objects that can take your breath away, we thought that we wanted to do something that will not only be seen, but something that everyone can use it, touch it and connect with it,” explained the British architect.

The inspiration for the project is equally unusual as the structure itself. Heatherwick came up with the idea of a maze of stairways when he saw a pile of wooden stairs in a waste near his building during the student days. This scene remained engraved in his memory and influenced his love for experimenting with their function as an architectural element.

The object will have a hexagonal base with a 15-meter diameter and each level will become wider until the top, which will be 46 meters wide. The entire structure will have 154 stair constructions, 2500 steps and 80 paths around the entire structure.

The idea of this building with unusual shape was to enable visitors to enjoy the view of the city from above and to offer a new exciting public space for the New Yorkers and tourists seeking alternative spaces for exploring the city.

The sculptural building will be surrounded by five hectares of green space, gardens and a long fountain, which will resemble a small river that floats through the new urban district.

sculptural-installation-with-2-500-steps-and-panoramic-views-of-manhattan1 sculptural-installation-with-2-500-steps-and-panoramic-views-of-manhattan2 sculptural-installation-with-2-500-steps-and-panoramic-views-of-manhattan3(Photo Credits: Forbes Massie)

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