Cabin Straumsnes – Blend of traditional and modern Scandinavian design

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Norwegian architectural studio Rever & Drage created a blend of traditional and contemporary Scandinavian architecture and design through the project Cabin Straumsnes in Norway. Set on the coast, the cabin follows the typical Scandinavian architecture and form, opening up to the pristine natural beauty.

The structure is composed of a central part that is connected with several individual houses set on tall pillars, open through the large windows to the green environment around the house. The idea with the windows dominates on each of the facades of the houses and the central part, making the house look like a curious man who relentlessly explores and observes the nature.

The main part of the house is turned completely to the water and hidden from prying eyes. The living room is open onto the spacious terrace, a garden and a huge swimming pool, which is visually connected to the coast and the ocean and offers relaxation away from the urban life.

The interior has a Scandinavian, minimalist design with modern comfortable pieces of furniture in harmonious tones. The interior is divided into different levels and rooms as individual bedrooms for each family member, isolated from one another so everyone has its own privacy. Each room has large windows through which the interior is connected with nature.

cabin-straumsnes-blend-of-traditional-and-modern-scandinavian-design1 cabin-straumsnes-blend-of-traditional-and-modern-scandinavian-design2 cabin-straumsnes-blend-of-traditional-and-modern-scandinavian-design3 cabin-straumsnes-blend-of-traditional-and-modern-scandinavian-design4 cabin-straumsnes-blend-of-traditional-and-modern-scandinavian-design5(Photo Credits: Tom Auger)

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