Business interior completely made of glass

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business-interior-completely-made-of-glassArchitects from the renowned studio MVRDV made a courageous step by designing a business interior only with glass. The glass offices are located in a former factory space in Hong Kong. If you look at the current design, it’s difficult to assume that the space used to be an old factory.

The Dutch architects demolished almost everything in the old space, leaving only the construction in its industrial character. The old structure of the building is covered with white paint, which gives freshness and expresses the pure beauty of the rough architectural structure. The entire interior has been replaced and constructed with glass. The floors, walls, windows, elevators, everything is transparent, made of glass and iron, giving it a contemporary and unusual character.

As you move through the building, you can clearly see its old parts or old structure that has a harmonious relationship with the new modern elements. The facade is equally transparent.

As described by architects, modern society and modern business practices are moving towards a more transparent operation, allowing customers to see behind the closed doors and see the workflow. This is why the concrete and glass offices allow full transparency and honesty to customers.

The glass as a new essential element for building helped the facility to be more energy efficient. With the new structure, the building consumes 17 percent less energy per year and has 15% reduced demand for electricity compared with the demand and consumption of other business locations throughout Hong Kong.

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(Photo Credits: Ossip van Duivenbode)

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