Urby Staten Island – a new, modern residential complex in New York

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Urby Staten Island is new, modern residential complex on Staten Island, one of the five main areas of New York.

This residential project is one of the largest construction works in this area of New York. The district will offer 900 new residential apartments and over 3,000m2 of commercial buildings. The project is run by the real estate company Ironstate in cooperation with the Dutch architects and designers from Concrete.

The idea of this complex is to offer better space for modern housing, responding to all needs of the residents. Thus, besides the apartments, this neighborhood has an urban farm, a common kitchen for all residents and even beehives.

Additionally, experts estimate that this urban farm is one of the largest in New York. The huge common farm covers an area of 460m2, grows more than 50 kinds of vegetables and fruits, and has a small greenhouse and comfortable tables. Residents will have the opportunity to attend cooking class and special gastronomic events.

Besides the beautiful green urban farm, the complex has a spacious fitness center, outdoor pool and spacious garden where residents can enjoy the warm days or to make a weekend parties and barbecue.The residential apartments are spacious and comfortable. Each apartment has fitted wardrobes, bookcases, storage space, lighting and internet.

Investors made this complex energy efficient, thus they included a system for filtered water in the lobby of each building, the garage has chargers for electric cars and they also secure spacious parking for 500 bicycles. The complex is near the water and offers a direct view of New York’s most famous landmarks.

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