Restaurant in industrial-vintage style in Paris

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Designed in industrial-vintage style with classic unique pieces of furniture, antiques, rugs with folk motifs and old globes, the new restaurant Margherita unites different world cultures in the center of Paris. The author of this attractive restaurant with cosmopolitan atmosphere is the French architectural studio Pravda Arkitect.

The spacious restaurant is located on an area of 900 square meters in the old pub St. Germain with interior organized on three floors. The project to design a new restaurant included restoration of the architectural structure of the space. The architectural team led by Laura Gonzalez had thought out a design concept that would turn the interior into a pleasant place in which guests will be comfortable and easygoing like they are in their own home.

The ground floor opens with a wide assortment of sculpted wood and wishes a warm welcome to its guests. The first floor is designed as a cocktail bar. This space is dominated by wood as the main element, similar to the ground floor, but with a slightly more formal atmosphere through serious models of tables and chairs. The stairs on this floor lead to the most laid back area in the restaurant, a room laid out like a comfortable home with a living room, dining room, library and children’s corner.

The industrial vintage-interior of Margherita can be felt by a mix of classic pieces of furniture with mystical green, yellow and red shades, bare walls of brick and concrete, dim ambient lighting, iron bar chairs with patina and rugs and cushions with traditional folk motives.

pizzeria-in-industrial-vintage-style-in-paris1 pizzeria-in-industrial-vintage-style-in-paris2 pizzeria-in-industrial-vintage-style-in-paris3 pizzeria-in-industrial-vintage-style-in-paris4 pizzeria-in-industrial-vintage-style-in-paris5 pizzeria-in-industrial-vintage-style-in-paris6 pizzeria-in-industrial-vintage-style-in-paris7 pizzeria-in-industrial-vintage-style-in-paris8 pizzeria-in-industrial-vintage-style-in-paris9 pizzeria-in-industrial-vintage-style-in-paris10 pizzeria-in-industrial-vintage-style-in-paris11(Photo Credits: Francis Amaind)

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