Fun colorful cinema in Slovakia

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The mere idea of watching a movie immediately reminds us of a dark and comfortable space to enjoy the movie masterpieces. While the major movie theaters invest in comfortable seats, none of them is as comfortable as our bed or sofa. In order to fully capture the comfortable atmosphere, one cinema in Slovakia decided to make an unconventional step and fill it with comfortable bean-bag chairs.

The cinema called “Tulikino” or snuggling cinema is filled with colorful and soft bean-bags and has a completely relaxed, homely atmosphere. To keep the colorful element, even the wall panels are coated with a material similar in color so that the entire area resembles a merry and playful rainbow.

The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable, and the idea of this movie theater is mainly aimed at the younger and more adventurous audience.

fun-colorful-cinema-in-slovakia1 fun-colorful-cinema-in-slovakia2 fun-colorful-cinema-in-slovakia3 fun-colorful-cinema-in-slovakia4 fun-colorful-cinema-in-slovakia5(Photo Credits: Erik Ďuriš)

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