The beauty of the Dolomites reflected in the facades of Mirror Houses

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Mirror Houses accurately reflect the desire of every visitor to the Alps – to be ceaselessly surrounded by the beauty of the natural landscape. These two villas do not act as architectural intervention in space, but as part of the Alps themselves. They are located near the city of Bolzano, in the Italian Alps, Dolomites.

Both homes camouflaged in nature are the work of architect Peter Pichler. With their luxurious contemporary design Pichler provides an opportunity for visitors to simultaneously enjoy the alpine beauty and the contemporary architecture.

The houses that mirror the mountain range and leave every visitor speechless, have a luxurious design and offer everything you need  – garden, kitchen, living room, bedrooms and several bathrooms with glazed roof to enjoy the night scenery of the alpine starry skies.

the-beauty-of-the-dolomites-reflected-in-the-facades-of-mirror-houses1 the-beauty-of-the-dolomites-reflected-in-the-facades-of-mirror-houses2 the-beauty-of-the-dolomites-reflected-in-the-facades-of-mirror-houses3 the-beauty-of-the-dolomites-reflected-in-the-facades-of-mirror-houses4 the-beauty-of-the-dolomites-reflected-in-the-facades-of-mirror-houses5 the-beauty-of-the-dolomites-reflected-in-the-facades-of-mirror-houses6 the-beauty-of-the-dolomites-reflected-in-the-facades-of-mirror-houses7(Photo Credits: www.mirror-houses.com)

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