The Garden Shelf by Dreier Frenzel Architecture

The Garden Shelf 1

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The Garden Shelf 1

Lausanne-based firm Dreier Frenzel Architecture has designed The Garden Shelf, a concrete summer pavilion in Geneva, Switzerland. The building is a large monolithic structure composed of three distinct sections arranged in an offset manner, the smaller section is for storage and the two larger volumes serve as kitchen and living area. All three functional parts of the pavilion are connected via small steps and are open towards the garden. When not in use, the open faces of the house can be closed using a system of wooden shutters. Take a look at the pictures.

The Garden Shelf 2

The Garden Shelf 3

The Garden Shelf 4

The Garden Shelf 5

The Garden Shelf 6

The Garden Shelf 7

The Garden Shelf 8

Image Courtesy: Dreier Frenzel Architecture

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