The Dyvel Shelves by Silva/Bradshaw

Dyvel Shelves System 1

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Dyvel Shelves System 1

The Dyvel is a storage shelf system designed by New York-based design studio Silva/Bradshaw. The furniture is composed of seven parallel planes of glass and sectioned oak legs assembled using concealed hardware fittings. In designer’s words, “The Dyvel Shelving unit is conceived as an architectural construction concerned with relationships formed within a defined volume. These relationships extend beyond the form of the shelf itself and include a dialogue with the objects on display.

The inherent strength of the opposing legs, combined with the transparency of the glass create a dramatic structure that is as much about stability as it is about movement.” Also take a look at the Dyvel Table designed by the same designers.

Dyvel Shelves System 2

Dyvel Shelves System 3

Dyvel Shelves System 4

Dyvel Shelves System 5

Image Courtesy: Silva/Bradshaw

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