Tobogan house with an unconventional fluid facade in Madrid

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In the search for a home that would unite the passion for comfortable housing, greenery and a desire to travel around the world, a family created the house of their dreams in Madrid.

This unconventional private house named Tobogan House is a masterpiece by the Spanish architectural studio Z4Z4 AAA that designed an architectural whole by combining two different units. At times, the house looks like it came out from a fantasy movie, rather than a realistic creation.

Tobogan House consists of two architectural structures that contain all the necessary spaces for housing connected with the two stair constructions, private parking, a greenhouse and a spacious yard with pool and spa center. The house stands out in the environment with its two units with completely different sizes, shapes and materials. What is common is their fluidity and interplay in the expression that create attractive and unusual structure with façade made of  glass and perforated metal, but also with practical and comfortable interior for housing with bright colors and modern pieces of furniture.

(Photo Credits: Imagen Subliminal)

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