Unique Triangular House 712 by H Arquitectes

Triangular Shaped 712 House 1

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Triangular Shaped 712 House 1

H Arquitectes has designed and built the 712 House on the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain. The unique, triangular shaped house is built with a double wall made of perforated bricks. The gap between the two walls provides natural ventilation and air circulation inside the structure. The house has three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen/dining area and a study room cleverly arranged in the triangular space.

Triangular Shaped 712 House 2

Here is a description from the architects, “The proposal wants to occupy all the buildable part of the parcel by means of a ground floor house, entailing a triangle shaped plan with each side parallel to its correspondent plot limit. This triangular geometry minimizes the distribution spaces (having only a central one), reduces the cost and allows a constant and homogeneous relation between both the inside and the outside.

Triangular Shaped 712 House 3

Because of the ground level difference between site and street (the highest one), the triangular roof, almost an icon, becomes the fourth façade of the house.

Triangular Shaped 712 House 4

While designing and planning the project, the budget was cut by 65%. This fact strongly conditioned all the construction decisions: systems, materials, etc. By removing all the superfluous and unnecessary elements, the house was given both an inside and an outside which are extremely austere, powerful and very expressive.”

Triangular Shaped 712 House 5

Triangular Shaped 712 House 6

Triangular Shaped 712 House 7

Triangular Shaped 712 House 8

Triangular Shaped 712 House 9

Triangular Shaped 712 House 10

Photography: Adria Goula, Via: Inhabitat

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