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22 Cool, Unique, and Downright Weird Beds

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You can sleep in a standard bed that looks decent, matches your furniture, and doesn’t cause a fuss.

Or you can YOLO and decide to smile every time you hop into your little corner of the world that matches your awesome personality – be it cool, unique, futuristic, or weird.

You’re going to be spending 8+ hrs a night (ideally) in this furniture, why blindly pick something out from Ikea and give up? If you want dreams that propel you into the future, you should have an awesome piece of furniture as your rocketship to dreamland.

Here are some of the best finds for those who want to sleep at a higher level.

1. Futuristic Modern Med: Fusion Solid Wood Bed by Zeitraum

Fusion Solid Wood Bed by Zeitraum 1

German manufacturer Zeitraum has designed solid wood bed called Fusion. In designer’s words, “Fusion is light and floating. The slanted head gives the bed a dynamic appearance. The universal cushion is ergonomically shaped to lean on. Sophisticated details like the solid wood back of the head to emphasize the value of the furniture. You make the bed on all sides to a particular object in space.” Check out the pictures.

Fusion Solid Wood Bed by Zeitraum 2
Fusion Solid Wood Bed by Zeitraum 3
Fusion Solid Wood Bed by Zeitraum 4
Fusion Solid Wood Bed by Zeitraum 5
Fusion Solid Wood Bed by Zeitraum 6
Fusion Solid Wood Bed by Zeitraum 7
Fusion Solid Wood Bed by Zeitraum 8
Fusion Solid Wood Bed by Zeitraum 9
Fusion Solid Wood Bed by Zeitraum 10

2. Modern SLEEPY Bed by Angelo Tomaiuolo for Tonin CASA

SLEEPY Bed by Angelo Tomaiuolo for Tonin CASA

SLEEPY is a comfortable bed-sofa created by Italian architect Angelo Tomaiuolo for Tonin CASA. It is designed for contemporary houses where the beds are no longer just a place to sleep. The wide base of the bed is upholstered with fabric or eco-friendly leather in different finishes. The sculptural headboard has an original and unique shape and provides comfortable back support while reading or working with the laptop.

SLEEPY Bed by Angelo Tomaiuolo for Tonin CASA
SLEEPY Bed by Angelo Tomaiuolo for Tonin CASA
SLEEPY Bed by Angelo Tomaiuolo for Tonin CASA

Image Courtesy: Angelo Tomaiuolo

3. Convertible Sofa Bed: Ted Bed by Volen Valentinov

Perfect for overnight guests and friends that are too drunk to drive home. Maybe mostly the latter. It’s a “crash pad” that turns into a small sofa for these so-called friends to sit on the next morning as they nurse their hangover and eat your food.

Designer Volen Valentinov of Bulgarian studio All in has created a sofa bed that easily converts into a comfortable chair. The Ted Bed consists of three elements, a mattress, a rectangular pillow and a triangular one. By combining three elements in different positions, you can transform the bed into a comfortable sofa, an armchair or a relaxing ottoman. The furniture unit is made with waste materials produced in mattress industry.

Ted Bed by Volen Valentinov
Ted Bed by Volen Valentinov
Ted Bed by Volen Valentinov
Ted Bed by Volen Valentinov
Ted Bed by Volen Valentinov
Ted Bed by Volen Valentinov
Ted Bed by Volen Valentinov
Ted Bed by Volen Valentinov
Ted Bed by Volen Valentinov
Ted Bed by Volen Valentinov
Ted Bed by Volen Valentinov
Ted Bed by Volen Valentinov
Ted Bed by Volen Valentinov
Ted Bed by Volen Valentinov
Ted Bed by Volen Valentinov
Ted Bed by Volen Valentinov
Ted Bed by Volen Valentinov

Image Courtesy: All in, Via: TheMAG

4. Simple Button Bed by Zeitraum Mobel

Simple Button bed 1

German furniture company Zeitraum Mobel has designed the Simple Button bed. Here is some information by the designer, “The bed Simple Button comes as another version of the bed Simple Comfort. Its comfortable bedhead neatly rounds out the otherwise straightforward bed that requires a minimum of space. A significant detail is the upholstery with buttons in fabric or leather. It is also possible to add the bedhead subsequently to the Simple bed.

One can pick and choose either a width suited to the bed or alternatively a poignant over width, turning bed and side-furniture into one unit.”

Simple Button bed 2
Simple Button bed 3
Simple Button bed 4

5. Futuristic Internet-Connected High Fidelity Canopy Bed Hi-Can By Edoardo Carlino

Hi-Can is a High Fidelity Canopy designed by Italian designer Edoardo Carlino. It features an in-built screen which allows you to surf the web, watch the movies, play games, and listen to music and much more all from the comfort of your bed. The system includes a projector, a sound system, a projection screen and a DVD player. Now you can have all the entertainment at your finger tip while sleeping comfortably on your bed. Movie freaks and game crazies will love this design. Check out.

6. Hydraulic Storage Bed From Bo Concept

Bo Concept has designed this wonderful Hydraulic Storage Bed to solve the space problem in small and congested apartments.

The bed looks like any other normal bed but once you lift the upper portion, you can see the spacious storage compartment. The use of hydraulic lifts makes it easy to lift the bed using just your fingers. Built with particleboard and lacquer coated veneer gives this bed a smooth and long-lasting finish. Check out the website of Bo Concept for more details.

7. Never Make Your Bed Again with the Letto Zip

Have you ever thought “I hate making my bed” or “making my bed is a waste of time”. Well, whether you’re 9, 49 or 99 we have a solution for you.

If you’re too lazy to make up even your own bed then check out this Letto Zip bed which comes from Florida Furniture. Unfortunately, this company seems to be defunct. The best we can do is use this as an inspiration for future bed manufacturers. Or you may choose to build your own from scratch in a DIY-fashion – you beast.

Now you can quickly make up the bed for a comfortable night. All you have to do is zip and unzip the cover. The cover of the bed is inspired by the design of a cocoon which can be removed at night for sleeping. You don’t need to worry about the disturbed bed in the morning, you can simply close the cover and bed looks neat and tidy. The futuristic look of the bed is enhanced by the padded frame and elegant curved shape of the bed. Combined with beautiful colors like white, blue and grey it will make a major impact on the overall design of your bedroom.

White Letto Zip Bed

Letto Zip bed in closed condition

Blue Letto Zip bed by Florida Cucine

Grey Letto Zip bed by Florida Furniture

8. Quick Assemble Trestle Bed by Michael Bernard

Trestle Bed by Michael Bernard

Trestle Bed by Berlin-based product designer Michael Bernard is an instant bed that can be assembled and dissembled in seconds. It consists of a standard bed frame and slip-on legs that attach to the bed frame without any tools or fixtures.

Trestle Bed by Michael Bernard
Trestle Bed by Michael Bernard
Trestle Bed by Michael Bernard
Trestle Bed by Michael Bernard
Trestle Bed by Michael Bernard

9. LOMME: Unique Egg Shaped Bed with Light, Color and Sound Therapy

LOMME egg shaped bed 1

LOMME (Light Over Matter Mind Evolution) is a unique egg shaped bed with light, color and sound therapy for a comfortable and healthier sleep. 

Wow, this covers all the bases of what you need to sleep. And to take it even further, put it on the side of a lake in the sand like the couple above!

Here is some information by the designer, “Lomme defies definition. It is a piece of furniture, a work of art, and a place to rejuvenate. In its sophisticated simplicity, it evokes feelings of unity and enables the soul to access the source of its power.

LOMME egg shaped bed 2

Lomme features a unique light therapy alarm clock. After you have been lulled into a deep restful sleep by the gradual fading light of a simulated sunset, waken naturally as light from the virtual sunrise plays on your skin. The light system within Lomme allows the user to choose the strength and color of the internal light with a color wheel. This light color therapy is known to enhance the body’s energy centers and can even stimulate the healing process. Forming a protective cocoon, Lomme limits external noise to distance you from the outside world. An iPod has been invisibly installed to enable the sleeper to listen to relaxing music, sounds and guided meditations. Advice can be given on the kind of sounds recommended for waking up and falling asleep.”

LOMME egg shaped bed 3
LOMME egg shaped bed 4
LOMME egg shaped bed 5
LOMME egg shaped bed 6

10. FBed (Facebook Bed) Concept – Futuristic Bed for Social Media Addicts

FBed concept Facebook Bed 1

Croatian designer Tomislav Zvonarić of DevianTom has created the FBed concept. Shaped like the logo of the most popular social network Facebook, the bed allows you to be connected with your friends. According to the designer, “FBed is a conceptual multi-practical bed design that would allow you always to be up to date and close to your online friends even when you sleep.

We’ll just say it now – this is a terrible idea for 2020, when we need to stay offline more than ever. But when this came out in 2010, it was a much different world, and the social media landscape was much more personal and filled with friends. It’s cute to look back on but we’re happy this never really took off.

The idea is that you may hoop in front of your screen directly from your bed when you wake up, and  inverse when you get tired and want to go sleep…”

FBed concept Facebook Bed 2
FBed concept Facebook Bed 3
FBed concept Facebook Bed 4
FBed concept Facebook Bed 5
FBed concept Facebook Bed 6
FBed concept Facebook Bed 7

We could see this working in a tiny loft apartment, but never with the actual Facebook logo and design. Next.

Image Copyright and Courtesy: DevianTom

11. Kulle Daybed by Stefanie Schissler

Kulle Daybed by Stefanie Schissler

Young German designer Stefanie Schissler has created the Kulle daybed. From the designer, “Kulle was created to evoke the instinctive feelings of safety and relaxation. It is addressing our sense of touch combined with curiosity and the desire to explore things.

In order to prevent the increasing consumption we as designers should think of new ways to enhance the lifespans of the products in our everyday life. Persistence means sustainability. But how does one achieve a long-life cycle when it comes to the products we’re surrounded by. I believe, that one way could be to emotionally connect.

Referring to this, Kulle is aiming for an emotional connection with raising feelings in its owner. The remarkable design of the daybed should tempt people to explore it, which is the first step to a personal relationship. By touching and trying it, one should finally be positively affected and fascinated by the new kind of upholstery it has.

The overall goal of the project was, to create a relaxation place, that invites you with its appearance; you should almost feel the comfort just by looking at it.”

Kulle Daybed by Stefanie Schissler
Kulle Daybed by Stefanie Schissler
Kulle Daybed by Stefanie Schissler

12. Modern Cubed Bed by Francesca Paduano for Bolzan Letti

Italian designer Francesca Paduano has created the Cubed bed in collaboration with Italian furniture brand Bolzan Letti. The bed originates from the assembling of units made from the extrusion of cubes along a curve. Here is a description from the manufacturer, “The project and its name have been inspired from counting blocks. The bed is available in different measures that create a continuous play of high and low, of full and empty volumes.

Cubed Bed by Francesca Paduano for Bolzan Letti

This subtle play of volumes is enhanced when using units in different colours. Each unit is made of expanded polyurethane and the cover is available in leather or alcantara.”

Yellow Cubed Bed by Francesca Paduano for Bolzan Letti
Cubed Bed by Francesca Paduano for Bolzan Letti
Cubed Bed by Francesca Paduano for Bolzan Letti
Cubed Bed by Francesca Paduano for Bolzan Letti
Cubed Bed by Francesca Paduano for Bolzan Letti
Cubed Bed by Francesca Paduano for Bolzan Letti
Cubed Bed by Francesca Paduano for Bolzan Letti
Cubed Bed by Francesca Paduano for Bolzan Letti

Image Courtesy: Bolzan Letti

13. Weird Bed with Chairs as Legs: 56 Day Bed by Ron Gilad

56 Day Bed by Ron Gilad

Designer Ron Gilad has created the 56 Day bed in collaboration with Adele-C. It is a minimalist bed with four small Thonet Chairs as legs. According to the designer, ‘While creating pieces for Adele-C I allowed myself the freedom to play with extreme irony and scale while maintaining the balance between the useful and the abstract; going all the way to the edge of the cliff but not jumping off.

56 Day Bed by Ron Gilad

The “56” collection started with two functional objects; one for resting and the other for storage. My task was how to elevate these functions, both literally and conceptually. The past came to my rescue. Appropriating Thonet chair no.14, shrinking it and reproducing it in steel, allowed the stability for it to function as a support to the other components rather than our butts.”

56 Day Bed by Ron Gilad
56 Day Bed by Ron Gilad
56 Day Bed by Ron Gilad

Image Courtesy: Adele-C

14. Modern Bed and Desk Combo: Bed 42 by Manadaº Architecture

Bed 42 1

Mexican-German architectural and interior design studio Manadaº has designed the Bed 42. It is a unique combination of a bed and a desk. The bed design has won the Interior Innovation Award 2012 at the imm cologne. Following is a description from the designers, “The Bed 42 is a materialization of multiple explorations by Manadaº. By mixing a bed and a desk in one product, they explore the flexibility of use of everyday objects; keeping always as a priority the aspiration to create quality products that are both sustainable – in an economical, social and environmental way – and timeless in their design.

Bed 42 2

The design of the Bed 42 reflects the creative DNA of the partners’ nationalities, from one side the precision that characterizes German design, and on the other side the handcrafting skills of Mexican artisans. The bed has been manufactured in 4 weeks without any machine fabrication by using 2 inches certified solid walnut wood and local handcraft labor.”

Bed 42 3
Bed 42 4
Bed 42 5
Bed 42 6
Bed 42 7

Image Courtesy: Manadaº

15. Modern Comb Bed by Florida Furniture

Comb Bed 1

Comb is a dynamic and light bed designed by Italian furniture brand Florida. The bed has a special comb-shaped headboard with curved 45 degree edges. The round edges and chromed legs emphasis the light appearance of the bed. The design is very elegant and modern, combined with matching sideboard or tables the bed suits to any modern bedroom interiors.

Comb Bed 2
Comb Bed 3
Comb Bed 4
Comb Bed 5
Comb Bed 6
Comb Bed 7

16. Bed, Bathroom, Dressing Room, and Workspace Combo Unit: Compact Space Red Nest by Paul Coudamy

Wow, this is essentially everything you need to live in except a kitchen. I wouldn’t even call this a bed, it’s a full modern “space nest” as the title describes. Perfect for shared rooms with many people? See for yourself.

Compact Space Red Nest by Paul Coudamy 1

Paris-based designer Paul Coudamy has designed a compact space Red Nest, which includes a bedroom, a bathroom, a dressing area and a working space in just 23 square meters. Here is some information by the designer, “The design is based on a work on the porosity of spaces. The bookshelf is a mobile block that enables to control the opening of the bed. Its U-shaped covers the bed and shapes the room by closing the dressing, the bed or the working space. This mobile system provides a closed sheltered bed as wished by the client without completely shutting the space.

Compact Space Red Nest by Paul Coudamy 2
Compact Space Red Nest by Paul Coudamy 3

Red carmine gloss paint reinforces the graphical dimension of the space and its delimitation by contrasting with the matt white walls. The disappearance of the spatial limits is reinforced by the use of two-way mirrors that control the hidden and visible spaces according to the light. The bathroom is covered with resonated concrete and the restroom is hidden behind the doors of a fake vintage wardrobe. You can set the degree of intimacy between the bathtub and the rest of the room thanks to the two-way mirror above the basin.” Photos: Benjamin Boccas.

Compact Space Red Nest by Paul Coudamy 4
Compact Space Red Nest by Paul Coudamy 5
Compact Space Red Nest by Paul Coudamy 5
Compact Space Red Nest by Paul Coudamy 7
Compact Space Red Nest by Paul Coudamy 8

17. Elegant Solid Wood Bed IGN. Dream.

IGN. Dream Solid Wood Bed Design 1

IGN. Dream is an elegant, softly rounded solid-wood bed designed by Andy Ehrensperger for Swiss design firm IGN.Design.AG. The versatile bed floats above the ground and has a refined head soft ground. The loosely lying ground shelves add authenticity to the highly original design. IGN. Dream is made of American walnut and oiled oak or ash stained/painted. Check out the pictures.

IGN. Dream Solid Wood Bed Design 2
IGN. Dream Solid Wood Bed Design 3
IGN. Dream Solid Wood Bed Design 4

18. Unique, Innovative Bside Bed By Federico Bergese

Bside Bed by Federico Bergese 1

The Bside Bed designed by Federico Bergese displays a unique and innovative design. In designer’s words, “The bed Bside, introduces a wood structure in which the mattress has abandoned. The external part of the structure is entirely devoted to the naturalness of the materials, it is totally realized in wood bent to vapor. The inside par, conceals instead the technological heart of the bed; here we find a polymeric covered by a black leather, in the middle embellished by a central band of RGB LED that crosses in length the inside part of the bed so also developing the function of reading lamp.”

Bside Bed by Federico Bergese 2
Bside Bed by Federico Bergese 3

19. Innovative Sleep System With Sony Bravia Theater By Hollandia

Hollandia sleep system with Sony

Designed by Hollandia International, this modern sleep system is entertainment oriented. The most indulgent and luxurious advanced sleep system includes a state-of-the-art Sony Bravia® Theater System that contains a Retractable 32” Flat Panel HDTV, a DVD/CD Changer, Five Speaker Surround Sound System, Subwoofer and i-Pod Docking Station. The 32” Sony flat screen TV that sits 80” from the headboard, exceeding the normal 1:3 ratio of screen size to view distance. Check out the pictures.

Hollandia sleep system
Hollandia sleep system

20. Therapy Bed that Cures Insomnia – Once Upon A Dream

Created by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur and inspired by the work of Doctor Alain Nicolas, “Once Upon a Dream” is a modern bed which cures insomnia. When the user sits or sleeps on the bed the phonically isolating curtains closes automatically. Then the temperature reduces slowly, creating a comfortable sleeping environment. The bed also has speaker which generates low level white noise to help sleep. This wonderful idea was presented in Milan Design Week. Let’s check out the pictures of this new generation bed which helps you to sleep in a world full of stress.

21. Nest-Like Bed That Prevents You from Falling Out of Bed

Worried about a loved one (or yourself) falling out of bed in the middle of the night? This bed from Lago helps you sleep safe and sound. Rather than looking like a hospital bed, it has a modern design that almost anyone would be proud to display in their bedroom.

Are you afraid that you are going to fall from the bed in the sleep? And you might get injured? Then check out this Nest-like bed designed by Nusa Jelenac for the trusted house furnishing brand Lago. This bed guarantees that you will never fall out of the bed. The bed comes with complimentary coffee tables to add the style to your bedroom. Finished in soft and stylish margins, in this bed you can sleep without any worries of falling.

22. Ecotypic Eco-Friendly Bed

Ecotypic is new breed of green living bed for those who like to spend time in woods with lots of green around them. This wonderful bed is embodied with LED lights for comfortable reading experience and speakers for music. The Ecotypic bed is designed by Arthur Xin to bring next generation of green living to the bedroom. The main feature of this bed is the plants all around it. This bed supports plant life with its built-in planters. The bed comes with a battery system which turns all the activities you do on and around the bed in to energy, thus making it a 100% eco-friendly green bed. Let’s take a look at this incredible green bed of the future.

Elegant Bed & Bedroom Design With Cool Colors

simple bedroom design

This bedroom design is very elegant and luxurious. The design features a large comfortable bed with useful side cabinets and soft headboard. The headboard is very useful and provides comfortable experience while watching TV or reading. The bedroom has a LCD TV unit embedded in a wall paneling which extends to ceiling and joins with simple false POP roof. The reading/writing/browsing desk with top storage cabinet is very simple and minimalist. The wardrobe is large and colored same as rest of the design. The design units feature hidden yellow lighting along the border. Check out the pictures. Via Shaikh Danish.

false POP roof in bedroom design
LCD TV embedded in wall paneling
simple wardrobe design

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