8 Best Modern Dining Room Sets

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Formal dining room? We don’t know her. Bridgerton-Esque traditional dinners may sound romantic and aspirational, but they’re not exactly practical or realistic in the context of modern life. Many people don’t even have an actual dining room, or if they do, it’s just as likely to be the site of craft projects and WFH as it is a full meal. Add to that a large number of apartment dwellers or small families that don’t need or want a large dining area and you have the opportunity to shake up what a dining table set looks like for you.

In this list, we rounded up dining table options that range from two-person counter height sets to (slightly) more traditional four-person setups inspired by the mid-century style. Whatever your preference, you’ll likely find the right dining room furniture for it in this curated list.

Best Overall: Kenworthy 3-Person Counter Height Acacia Solid Wood Dining Set

Stylish, good quality, designed for modern living and dining, AND includes phone-charging capabilities? We’ll take it. We (and many reviewers) were impressed by the look and quality of this dining set that marries classic and modern influences and is sure to become a favorite spot for eating, food prepping, studying, hanging out, and more.

Best Splurge: Forgey 4-Person Solid Wood Dining Set

Will we ever get tired of mid-century modern style? No. Will we pay more for good-quality, highly-reviewed, mid-mod-inspired pieces like this set from Mercury Row? Yes, we will. While higher in price than other options, this set also offers a refined style, sturdiness, and the perfect amount of space for a family or group of four.

Best Budget: HOMCOM 5-Piece Dining Room Table Chair Set

While not the absolute cheapest set on this list, we were impressed with the value of this set which includes a table and four stools. Buy this for your breakfast nook or everyday dining in a small space and enjoy style at a fair price.

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to dining options. Keep browsing for dining table sets that span style influences, materials, and sizes.

1. Best Space-Saving: Adelle 4-Person Dining Set

Adelle 4 - Person Dining Set

Top Features:

  • Benches store underneath
  • Classic, clean lines
  • Space-saving

Technical Details:

  • Table dimensions: 43.3” L x 27.6” W x 29.5” H
  • Materials: Manufactured wood, steel
  • Weight: (Table) 60.35 lb.
  • Included seats: 2 benches
  • Color(s): (Tabletop/benches) natural, brown, other colors out of stock; (Table legs) white, black

Fan of Scandinavian style? The light wood and white option for this Adelle dining set from Zipcode Designs is the simple, space-saving set you need for your dining room or kitchen. We love the clean lines of this budget-friendly set and the two included benches that slide underneath for easier storage. Just as good looking in person as it is on the website, this classic piece is also easy to assemble and sturdy, according to reviewers. Also, even if you live in an apartment where your dining room is your kitchen is your living room, you’ll have space for this set. Some, however, found it too small for their liking, which is why it’s important to check all measurements before buying any piece of furniture. Also, for the light wood option, the wood grain on the benches differs from the tabletop grain, which may be an issue for you if you’re particular about those kinds of details.

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2. Best Square Dining Table: HOMCOM 5-Piece Dining Room Table Chair Set

Top Features:

  • Unique stool seating
  • Square tabletop
  • Sturdy, PVC-treated engineered wood

Technical Details:

  • Table dimensions: 31.5” L x 31.5” W x 29.75” H
  • Materials: PVC-treated MDF, steel
  • Weight: ‎57 lb.
  • Included seats: 4 stools
  • Color(s): Wood, black

Who says a dining set has to look fussy and old-fashioned? This set from HOMCOM is neither of those things, but it is super-stylish, budget-friendly, and great for an intimate, modern breakfast nook. Instead of the typical rectangular shape, this table is square; and instead of chairs, you’ll receive attractive, armless, and backless stools. Reviewers found this set great for small areas (though some thought it was too small) and loved the overall look. Reviewers also noted the sturdiness of the PVC-treated MDF material. As can happen with some online purchases, a few customers received damaged products and some didn’t think the set was long-lasting enough. Also, you may want to add cushioning to the chairs if you want a more comfortable sitting and dining experience.

View HOMCOM 5-Piece Dining Room Table Chair Set on Amazon

3. Best Mid-Century: Aron Living 4-Person Dining Set

4 - Person Dining Set

Top Features:

  • Mid-century modern style
  • Round tabletop
  • Light, bright color palette

Technical Details:

  • Table dimensions: 30”-diameter circle x 29” H
  • Materials: Manufactured wood and plastic/acrylic
  • Weight: (Table) 50 lb.
  • Included seats: 4 chairs
  • Color(s): White and wood

Mid-century modern style lovers, you’ll get your fix with this dining set that features a round table and four molded plastic chairs, all giving a nod to iconic designs of the 50s and 60s. At 30 inches across on the tabletop, this set is definitely on the small side, which many reviewers loved and some were taken aback by. Other than the size, this table was praised for its deceptively expensive look, the brightness it adds to a space, and the no-stain stop. On the flip side, a few reviewers found that they had to make adjustments during assembly and some questioned the sturdiness of the piece.

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4. Best Padded Dining Room Chairs: VECELO 5-Piece Indoor Modern Rectangular Dining Table Set

Top Features:

  • Industrial-look metal and MDF
  • Padded seating
  • Fits with transitional style

Technical Details:

  • Table dimensions: 43.3″ L x 27.6″ W x 30″ H
  • Materials: MDF, metal
  • Weight: 66 lb.
  • Included seats: 4 padded chairs
  • Color(s): Brown, dark brown, rustic brown, retro brown

So you love contemporary style, but you’re not quite ready to throw out tradition. Take a look at this five-piece dining set from VECELO that incorporates both classic touches—a rectangular table and classic chairs—with unique details—hairpin legs, a rustic/industrial tabletop, and pared-down chair silhouettes. If reviews are any indication, you’ll love the ease of assembly, sturdiness, and overall look of this affordable piece. While most reviews spoke highly of this piece, some assorted complaints included damaged or missing parts, lack of instructions, and unhappiness with the finished look.

View VECELO 5-Piece Indoor Modern Rectangular Dining Table Set on Amazon

5. Best Pub Table: Grimsley 2-Person Counter Height Dining Set

Grimsley 2 - Person Counter Height Dining Set

Top Features:

  • Raised height
  • Great for two-person dining
  • Home or commercial use

Technical Details:

  • Table dimensions: 23” L x 47.2” W x 40.5” H
  • Material: Manufactured wood, metal
  • Weight: (Table) 36.2 lb.; (Stools) 12 lb. each
  • Included seats: 2 bar stools
  • Color(s): Walnut or rustic brown and black

Dining looks different in the 21st century. You may like the idea of a 10-person sit-down dinner party, but more likely you’re breaking bread with just a few special someone, and you’re just as likely to eat at the kitchen counter or on the couch as you are to gather around a table. This two-seat counter-height dining set reflects changing dining preferences with a casual setup that you can sit or stand around. If you’re buying for the industrial look, you’ll be happy to know that reviewers loved the sturdiness and appearance of this set in person. Many people talked up the ease of assembly, though a few mentioned a very different experience. Note that this table is made of MDF, which at least one person thought was too obvious.

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6. Best Glass Dining Table: SICOTAS Round Dining Table Set for 4

Top Features:

  • Classy, modern finishes
  • Chairs with a fully padded seat and back
  • Expensive look at a mid-level price

Technical Details:

  • Table dimensions: 35.4″-diameter circle x 29.5″ H
  • Material: Glass, faux leather, chrome
  • Weight: (Chairs) 12.1 lb. each
  • Included seats: 4 padded chairs
  • Color(s): White, metal, glass

If modern for you means chrome, glass, and leather—stop right here. This SICOTAS furniture bundle, featuring a round glass top and metal table, and four upholstered chairs, may just be the dining set you need. Reviewers say it looks more pricey than it is and offers an easy assembly experience with a sturdy result. Most of the negative reviews had to do with delivery delays, damaged or missing parts, or assembly issues, such as confusing directions.

View SICOTAS Round Dining Table Set for 4 on Amazon

7. Best Solid Wood Table: Forgey 4-Person Solid Wood Dining Set

Forgey 4 - Person Solid Wood Dining Set

Top Features:

  • Mid-century style
  • Solid wood table
  • Sturdy, curved-back chairs

Technical Details:

  • Table dimensions: 47.25” L x 29.53” W x 29.13” H
  • Material: Solid wood, manufactured wood, polyester upholstery
  • Weight: (Table) 44 lb.; (Chairs) 26.9 lb. overall
  • Included seats: 4 upholstered seats
  • Color(s): Walnut brown with orange upholstery (Other colors out of stock)

You know that gorgeous, one-of-a-kind vintage dining set your parents passed down to you to complete your dining room decor? Yeah—us neither. But that’s ok. With home furnishings like this Forgey four-person dining set, you can add retro style to your home even if you don’t have a single-family heirloom. We love the solid wood table in this set (which partially explains the higher price) and the unique chairs with their bright upholstery and curved back. At higher prices, reviewers are bound to be more discerning, but overall, the customer impression of this set was highly positive. Reviewers loved the look and sturdiness of the set even more than they expected, and most reported easy assembly, though some found difficulty putting the chairs together in particular. Some highly detail-oriented buyers also noticed some imperfections with the stand and finish of the pieces.

View Forgey 4-Person Solid Wood Dining Set on Wayfair

8. Best Dining Set with Stools: Kenworthy 3-Person Counter Height Acacia Solid Wood Dining Set

Kenworthy 3 - Person Counter Height Acacia Solid Wood Dining Set

Top Features:

  • Classic meets modern style
  • Smart table charges phones
  • Upholstered stools

Technical Details:

  • Table dimensions: 60” L x 20” W x 36” H
  • Material: Solid wood, polyester upholstery
  • Weight: (Table) 92 lb.; (Chairs) 32 lb. each
  • Included seats: 3 upholstered stools
  • Color(s): Wood, taupe

Can your current dining room table charge your phone while you eat? We thought not. Invest in this three-person dining set with a 36” tabletop and upholstered stools, and you’ll not only get charging capabilities, but also a stylish bar table and stool that is the perfect mix of traditional and current. Reviewers loved the USB feature (of course), plus the assembly, small-space-friendliness, and overall look of the set. While negatives were minimal, some people received damaged products, experienced wobbly legs, or didn’t think the color was accurate.

View Kenworthy 3-Person Counter Height Acacia Solid Wood Dining Set on Wayfair

Modern Dining Room Sets Comparison Table

Product nameTable dimensionsMaterialsWeightIncluded seatsColor(s)
Adelle 4-Person Dining Set43.3” L x 27.6” W x 29.5” HManufactured wood, steel(Table) 60.35 lb.2 benches(Tabletop/benches) natural, brown, other colors out of stock; (Table legs) white, black
HOMCOM 5-Piece Dining Room Table Chair Set31.5” L x 31.5” W x 29.75” HPVC-treated MDF, steel57 lb.4 stoolsWood, black
Aron Living 4-Person Dining Set30”-diameter circle x 29” HManufactured wood and plastic/acrylic(Table) 50 lb.4 chairsWhite and wood
VECELO 5-Piece Indoor Modern Rectangular Dining Table Set43.3″ L x 27.6″ W x 30″ HMDF, metal66 lb.4 padded chairsBrown, dark brown, rustic brown, retro brown
Grimsley 2-Person Counter Height Dining Set23” L x 47.2” W x 40.5” HManufactured wood, metal(Table) 36.2 lb.; (Stools) 12 lb. each2 bar stoolsWalnut or rustic brown and black
SICOTAS Round Dining Table Set for 435.4″-diameter circle x 29.5″ HGlass, faux leather, chrome(Chairs) 12.1 lb. each4 padded chairsWhite, metal, glass
Forgey 4-Person Solid Wood Dining Set47.25” L x 29.53” W x 29.13” HSolid wood, manufactured wood, polyester upholstery(Table) 44 lb.; (Chairs) 26.9 lb. overall4 upholstered seatsWalnut brown with orange upholstery (Other colors out of stock)
Kenworthy 3-Person Counter Height Acacia Solid Wood Dining Set60” L x 20” W x 36” HSolid wood, polyester upholstery(Table) 92 lb.; (Chairs) 32 lb. each3 upholstered stoolsWood, taupe

Modern Dining Room Sets FAQs

Do I need a dining table?

The answer to this is entirely up to you. While you may not host large dinners, you still need a place to eat. The good thing about modern dining tables is that they can easily double as a kitchen table, workspace, bar, and more. With that in mind, you may feel better about making a large purchase knowing you’ll get plenty of use out of it.

What do modern dining tables look like?

Modern dining tables span a wide range of looks and styles. You can choose from round, square, or rectangular tables; glass or wood tabletops; upholstered seats or stools; and so much more. The point here is, that no matter what your preferences are, you’ll be able to find a dining table that fits your style.

How many dining table chairs do I need?

Look at your family size and lifestyle to answer this. If you live with one other person and only host small get-togethers, a two- to four-seat set may be enough, whereas larger families may need to invest in larger tables and more seating.

Buying Guide: Modern Dining Room Sets

When you buy a multi-purpose dining table like the ones in this list, it’s bound to get a ton of use. In light of that, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re buying so you can feel confident making what can be a sizable purchase. In this section, we’ll discuss common dining table materials, and the impact of different sizes and shapes so you can pick the right set for you.

Dining Table Material

The material of your dining table and seating not only has to look great, but it has to perform well when used daily. Browse through some of these common table materials to get a sense of what’s right for you.

  • Glass — There’s just something so attractive about a glass tabletop. While not the best for homes with lots of kids and pets, glass can add style to a space without taking up the room visually.
  • Wood — Classic and attractive, there’s a reason wood is an enduring choice for tables and dining chairs. Solid wood options may be best if you really want something that can last and last and maintain its look with a little upkeep. For a lower price and the look of wood, there are many different manufactured wood options as well.
  • Metal — While none of the options in our list feature a metal tabletop, several use metal legs for a sturdy, great-looking base. Metal can provide both unintrusive support and act as a design element in the form of hairpin or chrome legs.

Dining Table Size

Don’t make the mistake that some reviewers mentioned in this article did and fail to measure your space and double-check the size of the table you’re buying. Doing so can only lead to disappointment and frustration. If you’re putting a table into a dining room, shoot for one that’s about 6 feet smaller than both the length and width of the room for best results. This gives enough room to add chairs and comfortably navigate around the room. If you’re adding a set to a small area or nook, at least try to make sure you have a 3-foot space on all or most sides of the table.

Dining Table Shape

By now, you’ve probably seen that a rectangle is in no way the only modern dining table shape. There are plenty of other options that offer the space you need but may fit better in your home decor or provide more of the look you like. Here are some of the options included in our roundup.

  • Square — For an intimate feel, there’s almost nothing better than a square shape. With all sides being equal, no one’s at the head or foot of the table, and the closeness between seats allows for more open, comfortable interactions.
  • Round — Round tables are a great way to get enough seating in an area without taking up too much space. Similar to square tables, they also foster a friendly environment and are great for small groups. Bonus: No hard edges means no painful run-ins. Round tables can range from petite, bistro sizes to much larger options.
  • Rectangle — There’s nothing wrong with a rectangular table. In fact, there’s a lot right with it. Most rooms have a rectangular shape, meaning rectangular tables fit seamlessly in them. Their larger table space also often means they’re better for larger groups.

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