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4 Creative Rocking Chair Ideas

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Looking for creative rocking chair ideas? These rocking chairs were created by independent top designers around the world. Note that not all of these products are available for purchase, and some are just prototypes, so use these for inspiration for new ideas. See our post on unique rocking chairs to view products you can buy online today!

1. Rockid – A Rocking Chair and Cradle in One

Rockid is multipurpose furniture designed by Ontwerpduo which combines a rocking chair and cradle in a simple furniture layout. You can comfortably read a book or sing a lullaby while softly swinging the rocking chair which also rocks the cradle. This versatile furniture helps the mother to monitor her baby’s sleep while comfortably sitting in a rocking chair. When the baby outgrows the cradle, it can be reconstructed and used as a rocking chair. Made of coated birch plywood and upholstery, the Rockid is ideal for small and compact apartments.

Rockid A rocking chair and cradle in one 1
Rockid A rocking chair and cradle in one 2
Rockid A rocking chair and cradle in one 3
Rockid A rocking chair and cradle in one 4
Rockid A rocking chair and cradle in one 5

2. Swing Concrete Rocking Chair

German design studio Paulsberg has created the Swing rocking chair. The structure of the rocking chair is made of carbon-fiber-reinforced concrete and the seat is upholstered with bio-leather. The bottom of the chair is applied with leather to protect the flooring.

From the designers, “Swing is not just a piece of concrete furniture, the chair’s striking features combine stability with fun and comfort. Just 5 mm thin, the structure of the world’s first rocking chair made of carbon-fiber-reinforced concrete shows high finesse. Ergonomic Shape and upholstering with bio-leather guarantee great comfort. At the bottom third, a sheet of leather is applied, protecting the floor. Swing is handmade and available within a limited edition of 100 pieces.”

Swing Concrete Rocking Chair by Paulsberg
Swing Concrete Rocking Chair by Paulsberg
Swing Concrete Rocking Chair by Paulsberg
Swing Concrete Rocking Chair by Paulsberg
Swing Concrete Rocking Chair by Paulsberg

3. Unique Rocking Chair Made From Recycled Bicycle Chains And Tires

This unique rocking chair “Chain Rocker” is composed of recycled bicycle chains and tires. A steel support structure is composed of 98% recycled steel. Designed by BRC Designs, the recycled chair has bike chains and tires layered upon a steel support structure.

4. Rock Chair

Stockholm-based studio Färg & Blanche has designed the Rock Chair. According to the designer, “Rock Chair is a knock-down design sold in a flat pack. The five pieces are easy to fit together. When the chair has been assembled, the construction is its expressive feature. Nothing is hidden and one can see how the chair holds together. There is a toy-like charm to its simplicity. As a model, Rock Chair is like a drawing that one can sit on, as beautiful as it is cleverly functional.

Rock Chair 1
Rock Chair 2

Rocking chairs encourage one to sit for a long time. While working on the Rock Chair Fredrik also had the idea of producing soft cushions for it. The round cushions are a graphically elegant addition to the generous forms of the rocking chair and make it comfortable. Rock Seat comes in two variants, one in leather and one in cotton canvas. The idea is that the cushions should last for a long time and gain a more beautiful patina with the passing of the years.”

Rock Chair 3

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