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6 Creative Floor Lamp Ideas

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Looking for creative floor lamp ideas? These floor lamps were created by independent top designers around the world. Note that not all of these products are available for purchase, and some are just prototypes, so use these for inspiration for new ideas. See our post on unique floor lamps to view products you can buy online today!

1. The Coral Reef LED Light

Coral Reef floor lamp 1

The Coral Reef floor lamp designed by Taiwan-based lighting company QisDesign has won the 2011 Red Dot design award. The Coral Reef lighting collection also includes a table lamp. Following is a description from the designer, “The Coral Reef Light, an LED floor lamp, features 3 overlapping and swivellable lighting layers, each of which can be activated independently by being swiveled. Thanks to LED’s small size and low temperature that makes it possible to maneuver the lamp, the interactive design, surpassing traditional lamp’s limitation, allows user to create their own desired lighting effect and ambiance.

Coral Reef floor lamp 2
Coral Reef floor lamp 3
Coral Reef floor lamp 4

2. Cantilever Floor Lamp

A cantilever is an adjustable height floor lamp designed by Evan Clabots of the New York-based firm Nonlinear Studio. The lampshade sits on a small secondary pole that is cantilevered off of the main vertical pole of the lamp. The cantilevered arm is attached to a ring that slides over the vertical pole. You can simply raise or lower the lampshade to any desired height on the pole without any lock or screws. The weight of the shade twists the ring causing it to “lock” on the wooded pole.

Cantilever Floor Lamp 1
Cantilever Floor Lamp 2
Cantilever Floor Lamp 3

3. Spar Floor Light

The Spar is a large cantilevered floor light designed by Jamie McLellan for the New Zealand-based furniture brand Resident. The design of the floor lamp is inspired by the mast arrangements of classic sailing boats. The simple, two-dimensional silhouette of the light relies on a tensioned electrical cable for support. The lamp structure is made of anodized aluminum and steel. Take a look at the pictures.

Spar Floor Light
Spar Floor Lamp design
Spar Floor Light design
Spar Floor Light

4. Tuplet Floor Lamp

Japanese architect and designer Taeg Nishimoto has created the Tuplet lamp. The floor lamp is made of a mesh fabric called Buckram. From the designer, “This free-standing lamp is composed of hexagonal units of 6 inches with 6 inches deep. These units are multiplied vertically either in the same direction or rotating manner. It is conceived as a geometric play of black and white stacked units, creating different configurations.

Tuplet Floor Lamp by Taeg Nishimoto

Each unit is made with six sheets of Buckram (7 ½” x 11”, 19cm x 28cm) that were molded and connected two at a time. The way the folding of the wetted fabric against the hexagonal mold was done in a completely spontaneous manner to give each folding and the connected unit an individual appearance, as well as adding to the playfulness of the assembled units. When the mesh fabric is overlapped, it creates a certain kind of moiré effect that emphasizes the hollow inner volume of hexagons.

Tuplet Floor Lamp by Taeg Nishimoto

The light bulb is contained in the box at the bottom, and the light is projected upward. When it’s lit, each unit receives the light and makes the translucency of the mesh fabric more apparent. The light also projects out from the center hole of each unit and when it is placed against the wall, it creates dynamic light and shadow pattern on the adjacent wall.”

Tuplet Floor Lamp by Taeg Nishimoto
Tuplet Floor Lamp by Taeg Nishimoto
Tuplet Floor Lamp by Taeg Nishimoto

5. Tilt Floor and Desk Lamps

Seattle-based design studio gray pants have created the Tilt floor and desk lamp series. According to the designers, “Locally crafted and built to last, each features a hand-blackened sturdy steel frame, porcelain lamp holder, textile wrapped cord, bottom felt pad, and durable rocker switch. Easily swappable and secured into place using two heavy-duty knurled thumbscrews, our signature repurposed cardboard shades make these the perfect warm accent for that lonely table, dark corner, or blank space.

Tilt Floor and Desk Lamps by graypants

All scrap light lamps are UL-listed portables rated for use in commercial projects, and all shades are treated with a Class-A non-toxic fire retardant.”

Tilt Floor and Desk Lamps by graypants
Tilt Floor and Desk Lamps by graypants
Tilt Floor and Desk Lamps by graypants
Tilt Floor and Desk Lamps by graypants

6. Molecules Lighting Collection

“Molecules” is a comprehensive lighting collection designed by Ofir Zucker & Albi Serfaty of Aqua Creations in Collaboration with Origami Artist Ilan Garibi. The lighting collection is based on the origami art of Ilan Garibi and consists of floor lamps, table lamps, and wall lamps. In the designer’s words, “The traditional Japanese art of paper folding begins with a blank sheet of paper which is folded and sculpted by hand into tessellations of individual molecules, with no cuts. The paper used for the origami lamp shades perfectly diffuses the light and easily resists folding.

A compliment and contrast at the same time are the superior wood structures that derive their shape from digital wood carving. The lamps are operated and controlled by touch. In Aqua’s tradition, natural materials and artisanal manufacturing interact with technology; the result is an elegant and luxurious lighting collection.”

Molecules floor lamp
Molecules table lamp
Molecules table lamp big
Molecules wall lamp
Molecules floor lamp 1

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