Pointer Office Desk by Caio Bahouth

Pointer Office Desk 1

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Pointer Office Desk 1

Brazilian designer Caio Bahouth has created the Pointer Office Desk. The desk has a very simple design suitable for both modern offices and homes. Here is a description from the designer, “The goal of the project was to analyse one cheapest office desks of the market in order to find its strengths and weakness and redesign it considering these informations. The redesign should respect the materials and processes of the original one and should be able to be produced at the same factory, besides having the approximately the same final price.

Pointer Office Desk 2

The high points found were: Easy production; Low cost; Simple project. The low points identified were: Low user experience; Fixed drawer doesn’t allow movements; Corners of the drawer can hurt; Steady hole for wires does not allow electronic apparel movmentation.”

Pointer Office Desk 3

Image Courtesy: Caio Bahouth

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