The Eight Best Mid-Century Modern Desks

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Bursting on the scene in the middle of the 20th century, mid-century modern design redefined what the world thought it knew about form and function. The style dominated art, architecture, interior design and product design from 1933 to 1964. It remains a favorite genre today among people who love its use of clean lines, geometric shapes and inventive materials. For those who adore mid-century modern furniture, the use of skinny, pegged legs and organic shapes creates aesthetic harmony without clutter. This is precisely why mid-century modern desks are so popular. For people looking for a workstation that provides clarity and trimness, only the best mid-century modern desks will do.

Far from simply being decorative relics of the past, the best mid-century modern writing desks and best mid-century modern computer desks offer the space and ergonomic qualities need for productivity. However, they bring class and artistry to a room that is leaps above what many “utility” work desks offer. What’s the best mid-century modern work desk?

The Nathan James Parker Modern Home Office Writing, Computer or Laptop Desk With Open Storage Cubby makes our list for the best mid-century modern desk you can buy online today. When looking at all factors, the desk comes out on top for providing a classic mid-century modern look that is versatile enough for any home. If you’re shopping for a work desk that makes a bold architectural statement, take a look at all eight of the best mid-century modern desks for your consideration. These picks all give you the prestige of vintage furniture without the hassle of caring for a valuable piece of history at your high-traffic work station.

1. Nathan James Parker Modern Home Office Writing, Computer or Laptop Desk With Open Storage Cubby

Nathan James Parker Modern Home Office Writing, Computer or Laptop Desk with Open Storage Cubby and...
Compact and sturdy, this desk is a great addition to add to your home office.

Made of solid wood, this mid-century modern design is about as classic as it gets. This is a true minimalist design that tucks into a smaller space nicely. Savor the clean lines of a rectangular surface propped up with round, tapered legs. The desk’s surface has enough room for a laptop, table lamp and some decorative accents.

The open cubby on this desk is perfect for tucking away your laptop when you’re not using it. A convenient glide door is the perfect spot for hiding everything from small office accessories to treats. Also included are floor protectors that ensure that the legs on this desk are kind to your wood floors.

Assembled in 15 minutes, this desk with screw-on legs offers the easiest way to revamp a room with a mid-century twist! Reviewers praise this desk for its simple elegance. While reviewers are generally pleased with the desk, many acknowledge that it is not the sturdiest design.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions are 42 x 24 x 30 (inches).
  • Weighs 51 pounds.
  • Walnut finish.
  • Cubby and drawer.
  • An open design with ample legroom.

2. Modway Render Mid-Century Modern Writing Desk in Walnut

Modway Render Mid-Century Modern Writing Desk in Walnut
This beautifully made writing desk will surely spark your creativity and eagerness to write.

A true conversation piece, this desk has a flared profile that really makes its clean lines and grained stain stand out. A top choice when looking for the best mid-century modern writing desks for storage, this design features two open cubbies and two full-extension doors. This retro desk features a particleboard frame with beautiful walnut wood veneer held up by splayed legs.

Reviewers praise this desk for being attractive and sturdy. Many noted that it looked like a pricey piece of furniture once it was assembled in their homes. Some did find that the knee room was a bit tight.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions are 23 x 39.5 x 33.5 (inches).
  • Weighs 58 pounds.
  • Walnut finish.
  • Storage drawers.

3. Christopher Knight Home Peninah Mid-Century Rubberwood Writing Desk

Christopher Knight Home Peninah Mid-Century Rubberwood Writing Desk, Charcoal Grey / Medium Brown
Sleek and fancy, two qualities that you didn't expect a writing desk would have.

Made of rubberwood with a faux wood overlay, this desk is a top pick if you’re looking for a sleek profile with plenty of built-in storage. This rectangular desk has a large center drawer that can hold everything from a small laptop to a pile of chargers. It’s a top choice if you’re looking for small mid-century modern desks that also offer storage.

Reviewers are very enthusiastic about the look and quality of this desk. Many noted that it could easily pass as a genuine solid-wood desk. The combination of quality construction and easy assembly was a win for many reviewers.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions are 40.25 x 23.75 x 30 (inches).
  • Weighs 50.7 pounds.
  • Decent amount of storage in the center drawer.
  • Easy to tuck away cords and power strips.
  • Assembles easily.
  • Very attractive, high-quality look that can be mistaken as vintage.

4. HOMECHO Writing Computer Desk Modern Workstation Table Wood Compact Study Desk

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Cheerful and quirky, this desk is made from bamboo and wooden board. Its combination of white wood and natural bamboo brightens any space. The light tones make it an ideal pick if you’re doing a genre merge between mid-century modern and farmhouse.

This desk earns points for providing storage and cubbies galore! It features a system of both drawers and shelves that allow you to tuck away office essentials without giving up any workspace real estate. Your laptop can enjoy its own surface that is buffered by drawers at the top and bottom. If you’re not looking for a work desk, this design also doubles as a great gift-wrapping station.

This desk is made sturdy by a trapezoidal design supported by bamboo legs. Featuring soft, curved corners, this desk is perfect for a home with youngsters running around. Reviewers were very pleased with the way this ultra-stylish desk left plenty of room for laptops and monitors.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions are 47 x 22.2 x 6.6 (inches).
  • Weighs 62.1 pounds.
  • Bamboo adds strength.
  • Beautiful detailing like rounded edges and stylish draw pulls.

5. Tangkula Computer Desk With Drawers, Modern Home Office Desk Writing Desk

Tangkula Mid Century Desk with Drawers, Writing Computer Desk with Spacious Desktop & Sturdy...
This gorgeous piece of brilliant furniture will make you think like you're working in the olden days.

A gorgeous specimen crafted from engineered wood, this desk balances openness and storage beautifully. While it may look like an antique, this desk is built to ergonomic specifications to ensure an appropriate height for avoiding back pain. This is a fairly wide desk that provides a very nice amount of surface space for work or play.

Designed with those classic mid-century modern splayed legs, this desk offers a very durable construction. It also features two sizable drawers and open middle cubby. Reviewers call this a beautiful, functional and sturdy desk.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions are 23.6 x 43 x 34.4 (inches).
  • Weighs 41 pounds.
  • Made from engineered wood.
  • Great balance of storage and working surface.

6. Roundhill Furniture Roskilde Storage Wood Office Desk

Roundhill Furniture Roskilde Storage Wood Office Desk, Gray
The two-tone finish of this office desk gives off a nice, rustic vibe to your living space.

A sleek design with three open “pigeonholes” for storage, this two-toned desk combines a boxy design with rounded, angled legs for a very rich look. The open storage with extra “ledge” adds convenience without cutting into your work surface. This is a wonderful desk for a living room or den if you’re looking for a “command station” where you can do everything from paying bills to wrapping gifts.

One reviewer praised this desk for offering the balance of being big enough to hold two monitors without taking up a lot of space. Other reviewers praised it for being sturdy and solid. Several noted that they were shocked by how expensive this very budget-friendly desk looks in their homes. The consensus among reviewers is that assembly is a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions are 23.6 x 43 x 34.4 (inches).
  • Weighs 41 pounds.
  • Attractive flared, tapered legs.
  • Open pigeonhole storage.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Very sturdy.

7. Bonny Wood Desk

The Vine Square Bonny Wood Desk | Mid-Century, Modern for Home Office, Small Writing Station…
The perfect craftsmanship of this wooden desk will add style and finesse to your work station.

Providing high-end craftsmanship, this desk is made from stunning acacia wood with a mahogany finish. It features a rare single-drawer design with a drawer spanning the entire width of the desk. While compact, this is a substantial piece of furniture that can easily be mistaken for a treasure that you dragged home from an auction.

Reviewers are in love with the sophistication of this desk. Many looking for high-quality work-from-home desks were excited to be able to add a stylish, compact desk that served their needs. Many appreciated that the desk’s drawer comes with optional dividers.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions are 30 x 35.5 x 20 (inches).
  • Weighs 46 pounds.
  • Wood construction.
  • Single drawer with optional dividers.

8. GreenForest Vanity Desk With Glossy White Tabletop

GreenForest Vanity Desk 39 inch Computer Writing Desk with Glossy White Tabletop and 2 Drawers...
Simple yet exquisite, this glossy desk is perfect for a minimalistic-styled home.

A good choice for anyone who wants something other than a dark mid-century modern desk, this desk features a glossy white tabletop over wood-style legs. This tabletop is actually comprised of metal that is painted with a woodgrain finish. The top is supported by ultra-thick legs that give the desk a very sturdy feel. This minimalist design features two slide-out drawers for hidden storage. The desk’s muted color scheme allows it to fit into a room with any décor theme.

While this desk can easily hold up to 200 pounds of computer equipment, it also makes a very beautiful makeup vanity. One reviewer marveled at how it fit her laptop, notepad and coffee so perfectly to create an ideal “work triangle” in the morning. Other reviewers noted that the drawers open and close so smoothly.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions are 39.4 x 19.7 x 30.7 (inches).
  • Weighs 51.4 pounds.
  • Sturdy construction with metal tabletop and extra-thick legs.
  • Glossy finish.
  • Concealed drawers.

Mid-Century Modern Desks Comparison Table

Product nameColor optionsMaterialWeightDimensionsWarranty
Nathan James Parker Desk7 optionsWood51 pounds24 x 42 x 30 inchesLifetime
Modway Render DeskNoneWood58 pounds23 x 39.5 x 33.5 inches1 year
Christopher Knight Home PeninahNoneRubberwood50.7 pounds40.25 x 23.75 x 30 inches1 year
HOMECHO DeskNoneEngineered wood62.1 pounds47 x 22.2 x 6.6 inches1 year
Tangkula Computer DeskNoneEngineered wood48 pounds47 x 22 x 31 inches1 year
Roundhill Furniture Roskilde2 optionsWood41 pounds23.6 x 43 x 34.4 inches1 year
Bonny Wood Desk2 optionsWood46 pounds30 x 35.5 x 20 inches1 year
GreenForest Vanity DeskNoneWood51.4 pounds39.4 x 19.7 x 30.7 inches1 year

A Buying Guide for the Best Mid-Century Modern Desks

When picking out a mid-century modern desk to use in your home, it’s important to shop based on how you intend to use your desk. While these desks are artistic by nature, you may need to focus on how you can merge the vintage mid-century modern look with the modern realities of cables, cords and screens. Take a look at a quick buying guide that will make it a little easier to find a desk style for a bygone era that’s beautiful and durable enough for this era.


It’s important to decide where you come down on drawers very early in the shopping process. There are plenty of mid-century modern writing desks that do not contain any drawers or alcoves. This is a good option if you want a minimalist, open design that does not take away from the signature rectangular look of mid-century modern designs. However, this may not be practical if you’re shopping for a mid-century modern computer desk because you may need a place to tuck away cables, charging cords, pens, notepads and other office essentials. It’s also important to decide if you prefer drawers or cubbies for storing your things.


As we covered in our reviews of the best mid-century modern desks, you can find styles made from real wood, manufactured wood and metal. You can approach this a few different ways. If you’re shopping based on price, manufactured wood is going to be the cheapest option most of the time. This is also the lightest option. If you’re more interested in purchasing a piece that can potentially be kept as an heirloom, real wood is a good choice. However, you will pay a premium to have a desk constructed from real wood. Lastly, metal is another option if you’re looking for some shine and pep.


If you’re looking for a mid-century modern desk, you’re likely interested in designing a compact work station that can tuck into your home without a huge space commitment. Many people who shop for this style of desk are actually looking for something that can be placed in a living room or family room without “sucking the style” out of the room the way a clunky work desk might. If you’re buying a mid-century modern desk as a true work desk, you’ll need to pay attention to length and width. The minimum requirement is that a desk can accommodate a laptop. However, you may need to pull out the measuring tape to ensure that your desk can accommodate much more if you need to use multiple laptops, screens or other pieces of equipment.


Typically, a walnut finish is standard with mid-century modern desks. However, there is really no rule about the color you have to choose in order to stay authentic. For instance, a dark mid-century modern desk with a mahogany finish is very much aligned with the true mid-century modern look. The same goes for white accents. However, you’ll want to have an idea of the mood you’re trying to set with your new desk before committing to a wood color because the darker woods that are used for these desks can suck the light out of an area.

Mid-Century Modern Desks FAQs

What is a mid-century modern desk?

It’s a bit difficult to define, but basically the design and aesthetic resemble the time period. There’s a distinct difference between the style and the finish of these desks compared to what you see today.

Are mid-century modern desks still a trendy design?

Yes, a hundred percent yes, these types of designs are what you may call an immortal design. They don’t die off, they always stay, it’s not just a trend it’s more a way of living.

Can I check the quality of the desk before buying it?

If you want to check the product you can head to the reviews section on Amazon. A lot of reviewers share their experience with the product and that can help you choose the one for you.

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