Unique & Cool Coffee Tables

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Looking for a unique, awesome coffee table? Go beyond stale Ikea mass market coffee tables with some fun, well-designed coffee tables sure to turn heads. Now all you need is the perfect stack of coffee table books and you’re set for a relaxing weekend with your record player.

Bordeaux Multipurpose Coffee Table with Storage

Bordeaux Multi-Purpose Coffee Table 1

Bordeaux is a multipurpose coffee table designed by Klaus Westphalen for his 6th semester project at FAAP – São Paulo. Designed for small living rooms, the coffee table has a built-in storage space for wine bottles, newspapers and magazines. There is also a modular piece coupled to the table that can be used as a chair when needed.

Bordeaux Multi-Purpose Coffee Table 2

In designer’s words, “For the design, we took inspiration from the wineries placed in the south of Brazil. Usually the bottles are storage in furniture divided by X. The name also stems from the history of the brazilian vineyards. All the kinds of grapes produced for making wine in brazil came from a french city called Bordeaux.”

Bordeaux Multi-Purpose Coffee Table 3
Bordeaux Multi-Purpose Coffee Table 4
Bordeaux Multi-Purpose Coffee Table 5

Image Courtesy: Behance