The 20 Best Gifts for Husbands for the Home in 2021

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Your better half deserves the best gift. If your husband has a heart for the home, it makes sense to shop for gift ideas that focus on the home. This is a great way to show him how much you love sharing domestic bliss with him. How do you shop for gifts for the home for a guy?

Focus on gifts he’ll actually use. Most of us know all about that pile of unused gifts that seem to accumulate after holidays and birthdays. The good news is that there are plenty of guy-friendly gifts for the home that make husbands happy, and we’re sharing 20 of our favorites with you. While some are practical, others introduce a little well-deserved pampering into hubby’s life. 

1. RainBowl Toilet Bowl Night Light With Motion Sensor LED


Top Features:

  • Offers a universal fit for most toilets
  • Grips firmly to the seat
  • Eight colors in one light

This is an ultra-practical gift that will make him wonder how he lived without it for so long. Some estimates say there are as many as 30,000 toilet-related injuries every single year in the U.S. Most of them are caused by fumbling around in the dark when duty calls. This great gadget provides a little bit of illumination where it’s needed most.

View RainBowl Toilet Bowl Night Light With Motion Sensor LED on Amazon

2. Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set

Top Features:

  • Six knives
  • Stainless steel
  • Beautiful space-themed graphics

Shopping for a husband whose cooking is out of this world? This galactic cutlery set features beautiful chef’s knives with colorful blades set against durable handles made of stainless steel. The knives have been honed for razor-sharp cutting. In addition, the grip on the handles is secure and ergonomic.

Each blade in this set has a nonstick coating for ultra-thin slicing and paring. The knives come with a color-coded system to allow your handsome chef to quickly grab what he needs when he’s getting serious in the kitchen. While these celestial knives steal the show with their galaxy-themed designs, reviewers are raving about their performance.

View Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set on Amazon

3. HIGHEVER Store Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws

Top Features:

  • Made of comfortable polyester
  • Adjustable fit for all wrists
  • Stores metal bits and screws

This is a nifty accessory that allows him to wear his go-to bit for easy access while holding his power drill. It’s a lot like adding a third hand when doing fixes around the house. This wristband uses 15 ultra-strong magnets to keep everything in place. The material is a breathable ballistic polyester that feels comfortable and lightweight on the wrist.

This band comes with an adjusting belt to fit wrists of all sizes. It can easily hold gripping nails, bolts, screws, and more. Reviewers who have used this band say it holds things beautifully. It’s been credited with reducing many trips back down the ladder to grab extra screws.

View HIGHEVER Store Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws on Amazon

4. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Top Features:

  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Nonstick coating
  • Heats up in 3 minutes

This all-in-one sandwich maker works for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It whips up hearty meal-sized sandwiches using individual griddles for bread, cheese, eggs, meats, and more. It has a nonstick design to ensure that everything comes off the heat looking great.

The best part about this monster of a sandwich maker is that all of the parts are removable for cleaning. What’s more, the removable parts can all safely be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning without any fights over who is signing up to do the dishes. Many reviewers are impressed they are able to make amazing breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner sandwiches in under 10 minutes with this machine.

View Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker on Amazon

5. TESLYAR Wood Stand Organizer

Top Features:

  • Dimensions are 6 x 10 x 7.3 inches
  • Keeps small items together
  • Attractive

Tired of seeing so much clutter by the nightstand over on your husband’s side of the bed? This regal organizer is a wonderful way to set up a distinguished charging station. There’s a lot to like about this manly station. First, it’s made using natural, eco-friendly ash wood that features a non-toxic protective coating. The one that arrives at your door will have its own unique color qualities. 

This docking station is not just for charging his phone. It’s a great place for unloading glasses, watches, loose change, and all the odds and ends that need a place to go when he empties his pockets at night. The individual compartments designed for all the manly essentials ensure that this organizer stays organized.

View TESLYAR Wood Stand Organizer on Amazon

6. Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Top Features:

  • Four heated rollers
  • Adapters for the wall and car
  • Automatic shutoff for safety

Great for the man who needs a relaxation station at home, this pillow massager with four heated rollers provides some much-needed deep-tissue kneading. It’s portable enough to be used at home, at the office, and in the car. This massager uses infrared heating to soothe muscles while promoting blood circulation. It’s great for massaging the neck, lower, upper back, shoulders, lumbar, waist, legs, calves, feet, and more. There is also a 15-minute shut-off feature to ensure the heat and motion turn off if you fall asleep.

View Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager on Amazon

7. Sharper Image Light Up Electronic Word Clock

Top Features:

  • Can be mounted
  • LED display
  • Analog

This beautiful word clock mixes art with functionality in a sleek package. It tells the time using written words instead of dials. It’s also practical because of the way it lights up for high visibility when you walk into a dark room. Time is kept in intervals of five minutes.

The fun part about this LED clock is that it looks like a word puzzle when you first see it. This makes it a great conversation piece in any home. Its USB power cable and adapter will make it easy for him to plug this beautiful home accent in anywhere from this bedroom to his office.

View Sharper Image Light Up Electronic Word Clock on Amazon

8. PARIGO LED Flashlight Gloves

Top Features:

  • Bright LED light
  • Stretch fabric
  • Soft, comfortable material

These stretchy, comfortable gloves offer all the benefits of holding a flashlight in the dark without the need to hold a flashlight. They are great for biking, running, camping, night fishing, doing mechanical work in the dark, or doing outdoor chores after sunset. These beautiful gloves are also waterproof. People who try these gloves out are impressed by how much light they put out.

View PARIGO LED Flashlight Gloves on Amazon

9. CASOFU Burritos Blanket

Top Features:

  • 70 inches in diameter
  • High-quality flannel fabric
  • Made with eco-friendly dyes

If the boy is a burrito fan, this blanket offers the warmth and comfort of being wrapped up in his favorite food. This is a soft blanket made of high-quality flannel fabric with eco-friendly dyes. It can be washed in cold water using a gentle cycle without shrinking or fading. Reviewers love how soft and warm the blanket feels, and the design gives everyone a laugh.

View CASOFU Burritos Blanket on Amazon

10. DocSafe Document Bag With Lock

Top Features:

  • Multiple security features
  • Withstands temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Water-resistant zippers

A practical gift that shows you care, this fireproof, waterproof file organizer case can hold important documents safely. It’s ideal for things like a home deed, a passport, a birth certificate, and more. Made with non-itchy silicone coated fiberglass, this storage bag is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It features individual sections for organizing all of life’s important documents. The interior is divided between four passport mesh bags, 16 card slots, four disk pockets, a seven-layer folder, and the main pocket. It also has two-way water-resistant zippers, combination locks, and a strong handle.

View DocSafe Document Bag With Lock on Amazon

11. ESNA HOME Scented Aromatherapy Candle

Top Features:

  • Soy wax
  • 50 hours of burn time
  • Eco-friendly, cruelty-free ingredients

How does a little aromatherapy for him sound? This regal soy candle offers 50 hours of burn time that will send notes of aromatic leather and tobacco leaf wafting through your home. Made from soy wax, this candle is 100 percent natural. Its smell offers a way to relax that doesn’t make your house smell like fruit, flowers, or pumpkin spice like it usually does after you go candle shopping. Best of all, the candle has been designed to burn brightly for hours without creating soot that will sully the reusable glass jar.

View ESNA HOME Scented Aromatherapy Candle on Amazon

12. Oyydecor 18-Piece Cocktail Shaker Set With Rustic Pine Stand

Top Features:

  • Beautiful silver finish
  • Stunning pine box 
  • Made from food-grade stainless steel

This set provides all the essentials for both experts and beginners. You’re getting 18 beautifully crafted pieces that will help him feel like the king of the home bar whenever it’s time to mix up some drinks. The crowning jewel of this set is the 25-ounce stainless-steel Boston shaker. 

It also features a strainer, muddler, ice tongs, corkscrew, 12-inch bar spoon, pourers, a bottle stopper, and a handsome pine stand. The quality is evident in every detail of this set. All parts are made using food-grade stainless steel that’s resistant to rust and corrosion.

View Oyydecor 18-Piece Cocktail Shaker Set With Rustic Pine Stand on Amazon

13. Whiskey Glasses and Steel Stones Set in a Box Display

Top Features:

  • A conversation piece
  • Classy glasses
  • Bullet-shaped whiskey stones

A great gift for the man who shoots whiskey, this set puts everything he needs to be a classy host in an ammo box. This eye-catching set features classes, coasters, tongs, and bullet-shaped whiskey stones to keep drinks cool. It comes presented in a velvet-lined holster. 

The case’s strong handle makes it easy to bring this set along for drinks in the woods or his neighbor’s man cave.

View Whiskey Glasses and Steel Stones Set in a Box Display on Amazon

14. VAHDAM Assorted Tea Bag Sampler

Top Features:

  • Eight tea flavors
  • Beautiful presentation
  • Supports good causes

This sampler featuring eight different assorted teas is a thoughtful gift for the husband who loves to unwind with a hot cup of tea at night. He’ll love sampling from this amazing set because it creates a charming in-house “tea house” that always opens the door for offering unexpected guests tea. 

Every high-quality offering in the sampler is sourced from the famous tea gardens of India. Reviewers who have received this box love the flavors of the tea and the beauty of the whole set.

View VAHDAM Assorted Tea Bag Sampler on Amazon

15. Electric Wine Bottle Opener

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Top Features:

  • Opens 100 bottles on each set of batteries
  • Removes corks in seconds
  • Sleek design

This bottle opener removes corks in seconds with no struggle. There’s also a foil cutter to remove all hassles for getting wine ready for the table. There’s a wine-preserver feature with a date set to ensure that your wine stays fresh. 

The big perk that goes along with this being a battery-operated wine opener is that it can be used for picnics and camping trips. And its sleek design makes it handsome enough to be left out in the kitchen, dining room, or den. You’ll get 100 bottles open before it’s time to change the batteries.

View Electric Wine Bottle Opener on Amazon

16. Star War Burned Wooden Spoons Utensil Set

Top Features:

  • Five pieces
  • Durable bamboo
  • Won’t scratch pots and pans

This fun utensil set can make the kitchen feel like a galaxy far away. It features five pieces etched with beloved characters from Star Wars. While these bamboo utensils are sturdy enough to use when cooking, some people may prefer to simply display them in the kitchen because they are so stunning. Each piece is made for scratch-free cooking. While a few reviewers have mentioned quality-control issues, most really enjoyed these whimsical kitchen utensils.

View Star War Burned Wooden Spoons Utensil Set on Amazon

17. Wall Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener

Top Features:

  • Sticks to any metal surface
  • Optional mounting screws
  • Strong and sturdy.

The great thing about this bottle opener is that it “catches” all of the caps using a magnet. That means they aren’t dropping on the floor. It’s strong enough to hold up to 30 caps at once, so your husband and his buddies can crack open their bottles for hours. 

You can also use the bottle opener’s magnetic pull to mount it to any metal surface. It can easily go right on the fridge without any mounting work. However, it comes with screws for custom mounting anywhere in your home. Reviewers praise the sturdiness of this bottle opener.

View Wall Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener on Amazon

18. AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden With LED Grow Light


Top Features:

  • Six types of seeds
  • Faster results than real soil
  • Growing light turns on automatically

Give your husband the gift of having bragging rights about growing his own fresh herbs all year long. This gift, which grows up to six plants at a time, supplies herbs for the whole family while giving your husband the pride of having a green thumb. 

The beauty of this indoor herb garden is that anyone can succeed with it. Unlike real herb gardens, it’s not finicky. It’s also a mess-free garden. The herbs grow in water instead of soil. The beautiful LED grow light allows herbs to flourish regardless of light conditions in your home. What’s more, the light turns on and off automatically for optimal lighting.

View AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden With LED Grow Light on Amazon

19. HAINANBOY Micro Fleece “You Are My Life” Blanket

Top Features:

  • Made from soft microfiber
  • Room for two 
  • Sweet and sentimental

Make sure he knows how appreciated he is when he’s sitting in his man cave with this sweet blanket. Offering a sentimental message of love and appreciation, this large blanket is a great gift that manages to be sentimental without being cheesy. It’s also a soft, warm, and roomy blanket that he’ll want to use.

Reviews continually praise how soft this blanket feels. Many reviewers also like that it’s lightweight enough to make a great travel blanket.

View HAINANBOY Micro Fleece “You Are My Life” Blanket on Amazon

20. 3dRose Best Husband Ever Mug

Top Features:

  • Attractive lettering
  • Holds just over 10 ounces
  • Safe for microwave

Let him get a handle on what a wonderful husband he is with this fun, high-quality ceramic mug. This large mug is one he’ll hold proudly as he gets his morning java fix at the kitchen table. The lettering is printed on both sides to ensure that he never has to choose between seeing the message and showing the message to others. One bonus that several reviewers point out is the black interior of this mug is great for hiding coffee stains.

View 3dRose Best Husband Ever Mug on Amazon

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