20 Best Gifts For Wine Lovers for the Home in 2021

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Wine never seems to go out of style. Whether enjoyed in moderation or sometimes a bit excessively, it’s become the new go-to drink for moms everywhere and just about everyone else too. When you’re buying a gift for someone who likes wine, it’s hard to go wrong. But with so many products out there, you can use a little guidance when it comes to items that can fit into every budget.

We’ll give you some great wine-related gift suggestions that will have you raising your glass to us. 

1. Chullora Pearls of Wisdom Wine Charm Set

Chullora Pearls of Wisdom 6 Piece Wine Charm Set

Top Features:

  • Inspiring messages
  • Decorative
  • Cute

These adorable little pearls of wisdom hook onto the stems of wine glasses. They can be a wonderful addition to anybody’s collection of wine-inspired items. Whether someone is drinking alone or throwing an elegant wine party under the stars, the message on each charm will remind drinkers to concentrate on the things that really matter in life — love, hope, joy, trust, peace, and faith.

On a practical note, these charms aren’t merely decorative. They will help avoid wine glass confusion by prompting guests to remember which glass is theirs. 

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2. Patchogue Copper Beverage Tub

Patchogue Copper Beverage Tub

Top Features:

  • Watertight
  • Gorgeous and trendy copper
  • Large capacity

Let’s be honest — who really drinks just one bottle of wine when their friends come over? We’re not a doctor, so there’s no disapproval on our part about how much wine you and your friends might drink in a night.

This copper beverage tub will hold several bottles of wine, all on ice so they’ll be properly chilled when your friend is ready for them. Whether they’re having an outdoor or indoor wine party, this elegant piece is sure to be a showstopper. And it’s watertight so they don’t have to worry about any leaks.

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3. Kings Brand Wine Storage Table


Top Features:

  • Unique
  • Features storage
  • Durable

Help someone really showcase their love of wine with this table that can hold up to 11 bottles. The marbled surface on the table is beautiful and classy — an ideal backdrop to open a bottle or three of your friend’s favorite wine. The metal construction is tough enough to hold all the weight from the bottles, and whoever you’re giving this table to is sure to get many compliments from fellow wine drinkers. 

View Kings Brand Wine Storage Table on Amazon

4. Emile Wine Glass Set

Emile 12 oz. All Purpose Wine Glass

Top Features:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • Palm tree design

When the wine lover in your life also loves to travel to tropical locations, this set of four wine glasses should be a big hit. Palm trees are laser etched into the glass, leading to an elegant design that will really pop when the glass is filled with red wine. With four wine glasses in the set, there are no worries if one eventually breaks — they’ll be enjoying this design for years to come. 

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5. Berlyn Wall-Mounted Wine Bottle and Glass Rack

Berlyn Solid Wood Wall Mounted Wine Bottle & Glass Rack

Top Features:

  • Solid pinewood
  • Set of two
  • Rustic appearance

Whether a wine aficionado is short of space in a tiny home or apartment or just loves the look of wall-mounted wine racks, this set should be a pleaser. It’s hard to imagine a wine lover who wouldn’t adore these two racks. One of the racks can hold wine bottles, while the other holds glasses. Each can shoulder up to 30 pounds. 

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6. NutriChef Store Mini Wine Fridge

NutriChef PKCWC120 White & Red Cooler-Freestanding Countertop Compact Mini Wine Fridge Chiller 12...
It's compact and functional, this wine fridge is definitely a keeper.

Top Features:

  • Holds 12 bottles
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Quiet cooling system

Normal refrigerators can be too cold for the ideal drinking temperatures for wines. This wine refrigerator can store 12 bottles and allow the user to choose a temperature range of 41 degrees to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. This narrow fridge won’t take up much space and can be placed on the floor, countertop, or table, which makes it a great gift for apartments or small homes. 

View NutriChef Store Mini Wine Fridge on Amazon

7. Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

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Top Features:

  • Comes with foil cutter
  • Opens bottle in seconds
  • Recharging base included

If opening bottles seems to require your friend to summon the strength of Hercules, this Oster cordless electric wine bottle opener may be a welcomed gift. It comes with a foil cutter that can remove the wrapper from a wine bottle quickly. Then once it is placed correctly, this opener effortlessly removes the cork from a wine bottle in seconds.

It can open as many as 30 bottles in just one charge, and it comes with a recharging base so your friend will never have to manually remove a cork ever again. 

View Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener on Amazon

8. Red Barrel Studio Inspiration Coaster Set

Inspiration Coaster

Top Features:

  • Inspiring messages
  • Stone material
  • Set of four 

If your friends are using stemless wine glasses, they’ll need some protection when resting their glasses on their furniture. And some coasters just don’t do the job, leaving drops of condensation resting on the surface of the coaster. These Red Barrel Studio coasters are made from stone materials that will absorb the liquids, leaving a dry surface.

Reviewers love the inspirational messages, muted colors, and pictures of air balloons and bicycles on these gorgeous coasters. 

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9. FATORRI Industrial Wine Bar Cabinet

Top Features:

  • Removable wine racks
  • Extra storage with mesh doors
  • Versatile

If you’re looking for some serious wow factor in the gift you give, this wine bar cabinet delivers. It’s a generous gift to give, and its versatility should be appreciated by any recipient. It can be used as a television stand, coffee bar, console table, or wine bar cabinet. It has plenty of storage for bottles, glasses, and more. 

The strong tabletop surface can hold up to 330 pounds, and every shelf can accommodate up to 110 pounds. 

View FATORRI Industrial Wine Bar Cabinet on Amazon

10. Lenox Tuscany Classics Wine Decanter

Lenox Tuscany Classics 32 oz. Wine Decanter

Top Features:

  • Holds 32 ounces
  • Elegant design
  • Dishwasher safe

It can be embarrassing for someone to admit their favorite wine cost just a couple of dollars at their local discount supermarket. If they want to serve it to their guests, they feel the need to make excuses for buying a cheap bottle of wine. But this gorgeous decanter, even off-brand wines will look elegant and pricey. 

Wine lovers are happy that this decanter is made of thick glass and holds a generous 32 ounces and that it comes with a crystal stopper for keeping their vintage fresh. 

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11. A Wine Tasting Canvas Art

A Wine Tasting by Marilyn Hageman - Wrapped Canvas Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Giclée

Top Features:

  • A variety of sizes
  • Hardware for wall mounting included
  • Made in the U.S.

This canvas art depicts a sunny day in nature featuring fine wine, cheese, and grapes, and it might look great on the walls of any wine lover’s home. With eight sizes to choose from, you might have to do an information-gathering trip to your gift recipient’s home to figure out how much wall space they have available. Seeing this beautiful picture on the wall may make your special someone feel like they are on a tour of Napa Valley rather than sipping wine in their own home. 

View A Wine Tasting Canvas Art on Wayfair

12. The Host Store Freezer Tumbler Set


Top Features:

  • Good for all beverages
  • Set of two
  • BPA free

If you have a friend who likes to put ice cubes in her wine, you’ll get no judgment from us. People enjoy wine in a variety of ways, and that’s okay. This set of two tumblers can be placed in the refrigerator to keep your red wine chilled or in the freezer for a colder temperature for white wines. It only takes a couple of hours in the fridge or freezer for them to become properly chilled. And with the lid included, your friend won’t be able to make a big mess if they spill their drink after having a few too many. 

View The Host Store Freezer Tumbler Set on Amazon

13. Integrity Bottles Game of Thrones Wine Glasses

Top Features:

  • Two glasses
  • Hand etched
  • Popular Game of Thrones sayings

If you have a friend who loves wine and is obsessed with Game of Thrones, this gift will be a slam dunk. They will be proudly drinking out of their Mother of Dragons wine glass every time you go to their house. Don’t be surprised if they invite you over to binge-watch the show while you both drink your favorite wines.

This set of two glasses is hand-etched, made in the U.S., and has made countless GOT and wine lovers extremely happy.  

View Integrity Bottles Game of Thrones Wine Glasses on Amazon

14. VINAKAS Wine Stoppers

Top Features:

  • Set of five
  • Funny sayings
  • Leakproof and airtight

Not everybody finishes a bottle of wine in one sitting. As hard as it may be to believe, some stop after a single glass. For those quitters (oops, we meant people), this bottle of five wine stoppers can come in handy. With sayings printed on them that are sure to bring a smile, these silicone stoppers will prevent a bottle from spilling in the refrigerator. 

View VINAKAS Wine Stoppers on Amazon

15. Chris’s Stuff Wine Tumbler

Top Features:

  • Insulated
  • Comes with a lid
  • Tough stainless steel

Sometimes you don’t want a fancy wine glass. You’d rather have a tumbler that can handle some abuse. If you have a friend who likes to sip wine by the campfire, this will be a much-appreciated gift.

And if your friend also is known to down an entire bottle of wine in one night, they’ll like the humor of the featured saying, too.  

View Chris’s Stuff Wine Tumbler on Amazon

16. SMIRLY Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

Top Features: 

  • Three drawers
  • Large capacity
  • Round fruit tray

This bamboo cheese board and knife set pulls out all the stops and will gladly be used by wine drinkers who like to entertain. The star of the set is a large wooden cheese and cracker board. But it also offers many welcomed extras such as a round fruit tray, four stainless steel knives, a  wine opener, two bowls, and more.   

View SMIRLY Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set on Amazon

17. ZORMY Four-Bottle Insulated Wine Tote

Top Features:

  • Insulated travel bag
  • Corkscrew opener
  • Adjustable shoulder strap

When you have friends who like to travel and drink wine, this four-bottle insulated wine tote will be a game-changer. They’ll no longer have to hope the bottles of wine they carry won’t bust open in their suitcase, and they won’t have to lug a full-size cooler into their hotel for every trip.

The insulation will keep their wines chilled, and when they aren’t drinking, they can use this tote as a way to haul food around for day trips. 

View ZORMY Four-Bottle Insulated Wine Tote on Amazon

18. Wine Food: New Adventures in Drinking and Cooking Book

Wine Food: New Adventures in Drinking and Cooking [A Recipe Book]
It's the perfect book for finding dishes that go well with wine.

Top Features: 

  • Recipes for wine pairings
  • Tips on wine tasting
  • Wine flavors cheat sheet

Foodie friends will love receiving this elegant and informative wine pairing cookbook. The book has 75 recipes that complement a variety of wines, so your friend will always have something to serve with their favorite wine. They’ll also learn so much about wine from this book that they’ll sound like experts at every winery they go to. When you gift this item, you can drop a not-so-subtle hint that you’re expecting a dinner invite very soon. 

View Wine Food: New Adventures in Drinking and Cooking Book on Amazon

19. CharaVector Store Bar Cart with Wheels

No products found.

Top Features:

  • Three tiers
  • Built-in wine rack
  • Removable top tray

When your friends like to host outdoor wine parties on their deck, by their pool, or in their backyard, they’ll get a lot of use out of this rolling bar cart. With three levels of storage and a built-in wine rack, this serving cart will be a wonderful addition whether they use it for wine or soda and chips. The top tray can be lifted up and used as a serving tray for the guests.

View CharaVector Store Bar Cart with Wheels on Amazon

20. Home Euphoria Store Funny Wine Glasses

Top Features: 

  • Variety of saying to choose from
  • 17-ounce capacity
  • Stemless

Wine drinkers can never have too many wine glasses around. Sometimes wine seems to taste better when we’re drinking it out of a glass with a funny saying on it. The generous size of each glass — they can hold 17 ounces — will let your friend honestly say they only drank one glass of wine the night before. 

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