A villa with a bold brick facade and warm contemporary interior

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Built as a vacation home for an American couple, Luna Llena House is part of the complex architectural pieces that blend with the surrounding landscape in Jose Ignacio in Uruguay.

This red brick house with modern architecture hides a warm, modern interior. The project was designed by the architectural studio Candida Tabet Arquitetura.

The starting point for the design of this project was to study local structures and to apply the same architectural features and decide on the choice of materials and techniques to be used in the process. Using bricks seemed like the most appropriate choice, given their long tradition throughout the history in this region.

At the request of customers, the main level of the house is open and free due to the small number of partition walls. This level houses the living room, kitchen and dining room, decorated in contemporary style, simple and without too much decor. The living room, which is at the center of the space, is designed in minimalist style, with two large sofas in the center, next to which there is a contemporary fireplace. Instead of TV in the center of the space, the sofas offer a view of nature through the high glass doors.

An interesting situation is the second level, which is defined by a bridge path that extends along the width of the house. This trail is constructed of solid metal construction that creates a frame for the upper and lower level and leads naturally to each of the bedrooms, rest areas and bathrooms on the second floor, offering at “walk” view of the natural landscape.

The whole house is made of several brick areas that define the main functional areas – kitchen, dining room and bedrooms. The wide space, open to the exterior and covered with a separate and extremely high roof, defines the living room. By using the brick as the basic construction material in shaping the house, architects wanted to pay tribute to the Uruguayan engineer and architect Eladio Dieste.

(Photo Credits: Cristiano Mascaro , Tuca Reinés , Fran Parente , Romulo Fialdini)


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