Coastal house with a striking geometric architecture

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Located on the coast of the Spanish province Salinas, this geometric holiday home is one of the most impressive buildings in the neighborhood.

With strictly defined geometric architecture, white fa├žade and large windows framed with dark wood, this building is a symbol of youthful energy and entertainment, which are characteristic of this coastal region, home to many surfers and lovers of life by the beach.

Taking into account all aspects of the environment, architects from OmasC Arquitectos wanted to create a home that will be a modern and playful, within the spirit of the beach, but would also be energy efficient, with low emissions and will have good insulation for the hot summer days.

Assuming the role of a central axis, the entrance hallway divides the building into two parts, in accordance with the needs of the clients, thus allowing more efficient allocation of rooms. The ground floor rooms house the living room area and spaces for socialization. On one side of the corridor are the living room and dining room, and on the other the more private kitchen and a toilet. The second floor, isolated from the turbulent living dynamics, houses the bedrooms.

Due to the small size of the building land, the architects were forced to build a house as a continuation of an already existing building, while the other side of the building is overlooking to the neighboring house. Because of this, the architects were unable to make holes for the side windows and the house is supplied with natural light from the large windows on the front facade and balcony doors.

(Photo Credits: Luis Diaz)

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