Cozy and open apartment with eco-materials

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The bright Ukrainian apartment ZP was designed by the architectural team of architect Eugene Meshcheruk for a young family.

The key idea of the project to design the spacious 84-square meter apartment was to create practical organization and division of the interior into spaces with different visual dividers instead of walls. This way the architects wanted to create an open, transparent and pleasant home setting in which the owners will not feel trapped between many wall surfaces.

The central part of the apartment consists of a kitchen, dining and living room with a comfortable L-shaped sofa, which are visually separated with a wooden partition constructed with shelves. The rest of the apartment is reserved for a spacious bedroom and bathroom. In every space you can feel special warmth and natural atmosphere with the selection of eco-materials and clean, bright colors.

ZP is a comfortable space for housing with an attractive neutral color palette, wooden furniture and decor and wall panels of plywood and brick pillars. The different natural textures and wooden and brick finishes give the space an interesting and bold character.

(Photo Credits: Eugene Meshcheruk)

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