Comfortable café in industrial style in Stuttgart

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Comfortable and relaxing atmosphere dominates in the cafe Pano brot & kafe in the heart of Stuttgart. The space is designed in contemporary style, with industrial notes and in order to allow guests to enjoy alone or in company in a pleasant atmosphere, amazing coffee and baked goods while shopping in one of the largest shopping malls in the city.

The café was designed by the German architectural studio DIA that wanted to create a convenient and comfortable space for the guests to feel like they are on their own or in a friendly living room. For this purpose, the furniture in the room consists of comfortable armchairs and chairs, minimalist decor, library filled with books rather than some products offered by the cafe. A dominating element in the space for the floor and part of the furniture is the wood, which adds an extra warmth the in the whole café.

The open ceiling with exposed air ducts, the black leather armchairs, wooden furniture and floors, metal and wooden chairs, as well as interesting metal and copper chandeliers in the style of the designer Tom Dixon create industrial atmosphere in the cafe. The industrial feeling is playful with creative tiles with fun patterns.

The space is defined by the great 5-meter long white oak table and the wooden library which is more than 5 meters high. The great table offers space for socialization among the various companies that will accidentally find themselves in the same space and looks like a large picnic table for big lunches.

The bars or one of the smaller tables overlooking the city offer a more intimate atmosphere.

(Photo Credits: Dittel Architekten)

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