Home with Scandinavian charm in Helsinki

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The editor of the Finnish Cosmopolitan wakes up every morning in her comfortable nest with a perfect Scandinavian interior. The two-room home of Stina Mäntyniemi, the magazine editor is the epitome of Nordic aesthetics, orderly minimalism, neutral color palette and comfortable and trendy pieces of furniture.

This home in Helsinki was designed by Laura Seppänen Design Agency. The idea of ​​the designers was to arrange space in a simple color palette of white and black, to make the space look impeccable and stylish, but also to create a feeling of “warm home” that will be convenient and pleasant for the owner and the frequent guests.

At times the whole interior looks like from a magazine, ready for an editorial. The furniture is in Scandinavian spirit, with the famous Ames chairs for the dining table. The living room is dominated by the impressive Bertoia Diamond chair, which was added at the wish of the owner.

The interior has all the features of a typical Scandinavian home with white walls, kitchen surfaces, furniture, floors and ceilings. The white offers freshness and brightness in the entire area, and the green potted plants contribute to this atmosphere. The contrast of this pure whiteness is the dining table from solid dark wood, and the occasional decor in gray and black shades. The owner wanted to avoid carpets, but still the apartment has its own unique warmth and comfort.

The kitchen, which is connected to the living room, has the same trendy design sense as the whole apartment. A striking feature is the black sink and tap, which bring dynamism in the white kitchen.

The bedroom also has minimalist notes with a simple bed and high shelves, which together with one photograph represent the only decorations in the room.

The designers wanted to avoid excessive decor in the space. The only decorative elements are few fashion photographs and potted plants, which brings natural note around the minimalist orderly space.

(Photo Credits: Krista Keltanen)

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