Copper Head, a unique beer workshop in industrial style

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The beer workshop Copper Head in Ukraine resembles a walk through a mystical small factory. The interior of this industrial space in which you can try hundreds of different varieties of beers was designed by the local studio YOD Design lab. The whole space has an industrial atmosphere with creative industrial installations of copper pipes and ceramic balls.

The space is designed in such a way that not only you can enjoy drinking beer, but you can observe the entire process of production of this “golden” potion. The pub is located in a renovated 19th-century building, built during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Architects did not want to alter the architectural building, the façade or to make some significant interventions in the interior.

The building is divided into a bar in the basement, where there is also a small brewery. The space looks like a mystical dungeon, and guests can observe the process of work and the preparation of beer. The low vaulted ceiling in the pub is entirely covered with an installation of white ceramic balls, which create a hypnotic visual illusion in the space.

Through the cooper pipe stairs guests arrive to the first floor, where the industrial comfortable beer bar is located. The copper pipe stairs transform into the logo of the beer workshop, and the use of this industrial element in the interior ends as interesting and discrete chandeliers from small copper pipes. Copper is the dominant element, reflected in the wall panels with motifs of barley in copper tones.

(Photo Credits: Andrey Avdeenko)

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