Practical and modern 38-square meter home

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One of the problems with living in small homes is the feeling of uniformity of space. Everything is cramped, without any change that is often much needed by those who live in such spaces. Designers from Mode: lina managed to provide “escape” from that sense of permanent closure in the same space in this practical 38-square meter apartment in the Polish city of Poznan.

The owner wanted the space to be modern, simple and at the same time to look comfortable and informal, but to seem sufficiently formal and professional to be part of workspace and a place where his clients could visit him. Another element the owner wanted was a little secret corner where he could play with his six year old son.

Taking all these requirements and the amount of space in mind, designers managed to use the space carefully and maximally. One corner of the apartment has a large cube of OSB panels in which several rooms are embedded: the kitchen, small office with a desk, a bedroom and a small hidden children’s corner. The bed is placed on top of the structure and its owner climbs through simple wooden stairs.

Behind the desk, once the owner moves the mobile library, there is a small space provided for the child that can easily be hidden from the eyes of the clients.

The space has a minimalist design, with a retro-modern sofa, desk and a few decorative posters on the wall.

To better use the space, the owner’s bicycle is attached to the wall, serving both practical and decorative purpose.

(Photo Credits: Patryk Lewinski)

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