Creatively designed fitness center in Madrid

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Fitness center Club XII is an interesting combination of elegant design and classic fitness area.

Chesterfield sofa and elegant chandeliers placed next to fitness equipment? It seems like an unusual scene, but architects from the Spanish architectural studio “Ι! Αrquitectur” with their creative ideas for interior design have transformed the space into a unique fitness center, convenient and pleasant to watch, exercise, rest, and even long stays after a fitness session.

The interior of the fitness club in Madrid is located in a former bank in the city center. The space blends industrial style with elegant notes, through the fancy circular chandeliers with a copper glow. The fitness center is much more than just a faceless space filled with fitness equipment, the interior has its own unique style more reminiscent of home area for recreation. The Chesterfield sofas in the interior offer comfortable places to rest after exercising, adding to the comfort and the informal nature of the entire center.

An interesting element in the interior is the small bar in the form of house, further creating a feeling of relaxation, spontaneity and enjoyment in your own home.

(Photo Credits: Miguel de Guzman)

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