Elegant apartment in São Paulo

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Elegant and relaxed atmosphere is dominant in the interior of this luxurious apartment in São Paulo. With soothing tones and natural note obtained with the spectacular bookshelves in dark wood, the space was designed by the Brazilian architectural studio “MK27”.

This sophisticated home has three comfortable floors that contain intimate bedrooms and common rooms like a library, kitchen, dining room and a relaxing indoor pool.

The heart of the home and perhaps the most impressive space in the entire interior is the living room and library. The walls of the living room are wooden libraries in dark tones that bring relaxation and at the same time the excitement from the act of reading and discovering new worlds. The style is retro modern, with pieces of furniture with vintage-notes and character. The elements under the open large windows can serve as a comfortable reading space. The windows allow daylight to penetrate in the living room while offering a view on the city.

The retro modern furniture dominates in the other rooms. Architects made a trick for the long corridors to serve simultaneously as informal galleries that exhibit numerous artworks. The hallways on the first floor lead to the bedrooms decorated with sophisticated and comfortable vintage-pieces, the second floor houses the fascinating living room, kitchen and office, while the third floor is a space for relaxation with a small spa, an indoor pool, fitness room and internal green garden.

(Photo Credits: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen)

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