Bookshelf house – a dream home for every book lover

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Book lovers will fall in love with the idea of a spacious house with bookshelves instead of walls.

Italian architect Andrea Mosca designed this Paris apartment with bookshelves instead of walls and integrated them in the shells as well in order to offer greater storage space for the family.

The stepped libraries made from light wood, have the same function as walls to divide the different rooms in the area, but enable it to look more open and spacious. At the same time, they still have their primary function of keeping books, so the space gets nice and noble character. Though they share rooms, the bookshelves are embedded in the stairs and placed in the free spaces to offer more space to store books and souvenirs, decor and other necessities for the family.

The main and largest library is located in the living room and on the opposite side there is a large mirror, which itself creates an illusion that the space is bigger. The books are the main element in the space, making this house unique in its own way. Bookshelves are seen in every corner of the house, inspiring love for the written word.

(Photo Credits: Andrea Mosca)

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