From an old factory to impressive apartment in modern style

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The transformation of old factory halls into comfortable living space is a challenge that attracts all fans of industrial style and the spaciousness of factory areas. The introduction of new life into a forgotten space is often a project that requires more time and resources, but when the result is so impressive – it’s worth the effort!

This apartment in Budapest was designed by Tatiana Golovach and Andrey Kot. According to their ideas, the extremely high ceilings are used to build a gallery on the first floor, which houses the bedroom and study, as well as large dressers and a bathroom.

The individual walls have been renovated and decorated with decorative panels, to produce a combination of different colors, textures and geometries. In the living room there is a lavish sofa in green and purple, two armchairs and modern white cabinets, which brighten up the space. The height of the walls is used to build a large, home library, and the black pipes on the shelves improve the basic concept of the home.

The decorative panels are in neutral color, but their texture is a great detail that brings dynamism in the interior. The original windows are left in their existing condition, which fill the space with great natural light.

The kitchen gives a feeling of warmth, with its green kitchen items and the details in red like the fridge. It is separated from the other rooms with large glass panels, decorated with black metal frames. The upper floor houses the bedroom dominated by earth tones, which leads to a practical working area.

The bathroom is bright with a neutral color palette that gives the impression of spaciousness. The copper tub is a great addition to the space that is both elegant and vintage.

(Photo Credits: www.pinwin.ru/profile.php?user=84720)


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