Playful coworking space in an opium factory in Shanghai

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Fun atmosphere and variety of colors and ideas dominate in the new coworking offices WeWork in Shanghai. The coworking space is located in an old opium factory which was completely transformed into a modern and dynamic office with a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.

The offices were designed by Linehouse, which played with creative décor, colors, comfortable furniture and a variety of ideas and combinations. The whole area is reminiscent of a great creative café where without any formal obstacles people can socialize, work, create and organize joint events. Designers created a harmonious combination of contemporary design in the old industrial structure, the red walls that bring an industrial note and a dose history in the creative and colorful space.

Breaking down the stereotypes about office design, the desks are set around a large bar where employees can take a coffee, drinks or breakfast and lunch. Thanks to this strategic move, the offices look like a café for friendly, informal meetings and socialization. The space has enough room for 1,300 employees who share the offices.

The idea of the owners was to fully exploit the large industrial space and enable the employees to feel comfortable, like on a journey through the world of entertainment, which is why the entire area is open, with oceanic structure instead of having walls and smaller offices.

A fun element in the whole space is the old steel structure and the staircase in the central area, which are painted in bright, warm colors and create that fun note in the space. Apart from the bricks and steel as building materials, the interior is dominated by warm and natural wood for the desks that are fused together in long tables, in order to foster greater collaboration.

The furniture has an industrial retro charm, large leather sofas and comfortable chairs. The lighting is especially effective, with dozens of spherical chandeliers linked with an extensive network across the ceiling.

(Photo Credits: Jonathan Leijonhufvud)

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