Red Bull Music Academy, a creative cultural and musical center in Montreal

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Тhe free spirit of Red Bull, the idea of ​​comfort and informal interior define the space of Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal. The company behind the famous energy drink as well as behind many adventurous and musical events collaborated with architect and designer Zebulon Peron to rearrange an old space in downtown Montreal into cool and contemporary music recording studios. The whole area looks like a large comfortable home, a place where those who come to record or to attend an event feel comfortable, relaxed, just like among friends. The studio, the areas for relaxation and socialization completely fit into the idea of ​​interior for social, musical and cultural events.

The new cultural and musical hub in Montreal has 10 music recording studios, a large area for relaxation and socialization, reception and lecture hall. Each room has a warm, playful atmosphere that allows complete freedom and creativity to work and socialize. The recording studios are fully personalized and look like intimate, personal space with tiny details that create a warm and playful atmosphere. Designer Peron used a wide range of hot and dynamic colors that completely reflect the energetic and adventurous spirit of Red Bull. Apart from using playful colors, he used wallpapers with creative patterns and prints for some areas.

In order to make the space more personal and intimate he used dim, ambient light in most of the space. The furniture is an interesting combination of modern and retro design and some of the pieces have a distinctive Scandinavian design that fits in the whole relaxed atmosphere. The space intended for relaxation and socialization has large comfortable sofas and benches in a retro style “surrounded” by lush greenery, which creates the effect of an urban jungle.

(Photo Credits: Karel Chladek)

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