Relaxing hotel in nature with interesting geometric shape

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Architects from the studio “Bengo”in Shanghai had fun in the design of this geometric hotel in the form of tree houses amidst the nature in China. The new contemporary hotel looks like a simple and cute little tree house, with an unusual form of ordinary cardboard boxes stacked one above the other.

The building is fun and at the same time minimalist and offers panoramic views of nature. With its simple character, made of wood, it is completely melting into its natural environment and ensures a relaxing stay away from the urban jungle, among the thick green forest.

Both the interior and exterior have a minimalist, relaxed style. One of the winding interior walls is completely made from glass, offering a view of nature. The house is divided into different rooms like bedroom, living room, kitchen, room for relaxation and a large rooftop terrace. Each room has high and wide windows to allow connection with the natural environment. The rooms are decorated with contemporary, elegant and simple furniture.

The entire object has a relaxing atmosphere that offers serene enjoyment in nature.

(Photo Credits: Chen Hao)

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