A house that can be packed and moved

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Designers say that in you can live in this house, use it as a vacation home, office, workshop, classroom, coffee shop or whatever’s on your mind.

A house that you can just pack up and move somewhere else – sounds unbelievable? No, a new modern technology allows such a thing. Within a few hours you can “pack” this house and move anywhere.

The house is made of concrete and other strong materials, but unlike classical houses, the construction can be packed and unpacked elsewhere without foundations.

The kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are located in the back to allow privacy, while the front has a glass wall that allows plenty of daylight. The solar panels on the roof generate energy, and the houses are modular so they can be used in larger facilities. Thanks to the vacuum isolated concrete house the temperature is moderate, whether it is summer or winter.

(Photo Credits: www.kodasema.com)

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