Adidas concept store – a small temple for sneaker lovers in Seoul

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The new Adidas concept store of in Seoul is a small temple of urban culture and place to enjoy good design for fans of sneakers. The interior is designed in industrial style and it fully reflects the spirit of urban street culture. The store looks like an endless mystical street where all possibilities are open, whether you see it as a space for socializing with friends or an endless racetrack that must be mastered in one breath.

The space that exhibits all the top Adidas sneakers and products was designed by Urbantainer. The designers have selected various industrial materials such as metal, concrete, flashing neon lamps in the interior to create a feeling like you are walking out on the streets of Seoul.

The aim in designing the concept store was to create a space that will be a kind of community for fans of sneakers, especially the design of Adidas, a place where you can be immersed in the history and stories of the designer approach and concepts of the brand. The conceptual store with its design offers a small paradise for lovers of urban street culture and sneakers and also a great space to promote the best Adidas products.

(Photo Credits: Young Kim)

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